AngelPad's 13 Demo Day darlings

Startup incubator AngelPad presented its Winter 2011 class of companies to investors and the media today in its AngelPad Demo Day. Thirteen companies total, ranging from cloud computing startups to car insurance search engines, presented.

New York Times launches digital subscriptions: Are e-readers an afterthought?

After announcing its new digital subscription plan a couple of weeks ago and launching the plan in Canada, The New York Times is now expanding its paywall to readers everywhere. The strategy is very device focused (you have to purchase a mobile or tablet app; you can’t buy website access on its own), but there’s one class of device that’s curiously absent — e-readers like’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Google to tap LG for Nexus tablet?

Following in the footsteps of Google’s Nexus One and Nexus S flagship smartphones, it appears that the company may also be planning for a Nexus tablet device — and this time around, it may be tapping LG to be its manufacturing partner, CrunchGear reports.

Next iPhone software update delayed until the fall?

Apple has been pretty quiet about the next version of its mobile operating system, dubbed iOS 5. That’s not surprising, since it is probably tied to the next version of its iPhone, the iPhone 5. But TechCrunch claims that this unannounced software has, in fact, been delayed until the fall, according to two unnamed sources.