Innovation front and center at CTIA in Orlando

The upcoming CTIA Wireless conference, March 22-24 in Orlando, will focus attention on the innovators in wireless telecommunications. In a joint effort with The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley (the Council), the CTIA show floor will feature an “Innovation Showcase” where 25 young companies will be exhibiting their new products and services.

Interest in iPad 2 far outstrips interest in rival tablets

The iPad 2 is far outrunning its rivals in terms of worldwide awareness, according to Google Trends. As you can see from the chart below, people are Googling the iPad 2 far more than they are the Motorola Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The same holds true for rivals such as the Amazon Kindle, the HP TouchPad, and the RIM PlayBook.

Apple faithful gather for iPad 2 launch (video)

Apple fans gathered in a line that stretched for two city blocks at the Apple store in Palo Alto, Calif. As you can see in the video below, they cheered when the door opened. Security and PR people were plentiful, as were blue-shirt employees. After all, this is the store where Steve Jobs will occasionally show up to see how first-day sales are going.

Ngmoco's Neil Young foresees multibillion-dollar mobile game companies

Neil Young is the chief executive of Ngmoco, the mobile game publisher that was acquired by Japan’s DeNA for up to $403 million last fall. But Young says that wasn’t just the end point for his company and its success as a publisher of iPhone games. Rather, Young and his parent company are on a quest to create a multibillion-dollar mobile entertainment company. The centerpiece of that is Mobage and NG Core, two technologies that will be combined into a worldwide mobile social network.

Moolah Media adds phone reports to its mobile ads

When mobile ad network Moolah Media came out of stealth mode in December, it placed a big emphasis on its pay-per-performance model, where advertisers pay for actions rather than impressions. The San Francisco startup is taking that model even further today with real-time call reporting.

4G company Clearwire loses CEO Bill Morrow

There’s trouble brewing over at Clearwire, the 4G network company in which Sprint holds a non-controlling majority stake. Chief executive Bill Morrow has resigned from his positions as CEO and executive board director, citing the usual “personal reasons,” the company announced today.