TAT co-founder on how technology turns us all into replicants

Hampus Jakobsson is no Luddite. As a co-founder of interface design firm The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), which was acquired last year by RIM, he has worked on some of the most cutting-edge, mobile interface technology. Yet he says that technology, as it exists now, is turning us into replicants by forcing us to interact according to its rules.

Mobile Baby gets babies online before birth

Great Connection, which puts medical scans like X-rays and ultrasounds into the cloud, just announced that its Mobile Baby service will be used in a pilot project in Egypt to perform remote diagnostics on pregnant women. Great Connection already has deployments in maternity clinics in Saudi Arabia and Sweden.

Subscriptions put Apple in antitrust spotlight again

Federal regulators are looking once more into Apple’s control over the applications available on the iPhone and iPad, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. This time it’s Apple’s subscription feature for apps (which the company unveiled yesterday) that’s attracting antitrust scrutiny.

Motorola: WiFi-only Xoom tablet to cost $600

It seems that all is not lost for Motorola’s slick new Xoom Android tablet, which we previously said would suffer because of its $800 retail price. Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha revealed today that the company will offer a WiFi-only Xoom for around $600, Reuters reports.

Yes, there will be Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7

A squabble occurred between Microsoft and the Finnish game house Rovio, maker of the incredibly popular mobile game Angry Birds. Microsoft used the Angry Birds logo when launching its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, without Rovio’s consent, which didn’t go down well with the company. But now, Rovio has confirmed a Windows Phone 7 version of the hit game.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop vows to beat Android

On stage at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona yesterday, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (pictured right) announced that the company’s first priority now, after partnering with Microsoft to use Windows Phone 7 on its devices, is to beat Android.

Anti sleep pilot keeps you awake at the wheel

ASP Technology just launched its Anti Sleep Pilot iPhone and iPad application to help prevent fatigue-related driving accidents. The app calculates a your fatigue level in real-time, maintains your alertness via reaction tests, and alerts your when it is time to take a rest break.