Microsoft: Windows Phones will get sexier dual-core chips and LTE

The latest Android and iPhone phones are sporting sexy dual-core chips that promise to amp up performance, but Microsoft is saying that devices running its new Windows Phone Mango operating system will be sticking to single-core CPUs for now. Microsoft does eventually plan to deliver dual-core devices, though, as well as those sporting fast LTE 4G support, reports All Things Digital.

Tim Cook’s performance at Apple event: Where was the “one more thing…”

No one expected Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, to walk on water and make us all forget about his predecessor Steve Jobs during Apple’s first major press event since the change in command this summer. Cook is now the head of what has become a kind of religious cult in technology — one with an increasingly large and mainstream following. The question is whether he has really stepped up as the new pope. The answer: it isn’t clear. This event was missing some of the Steve Jobs sizzle, for sure.