Nokia CEO Stephen Elop vows to beat Android

On stage at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona yesterday, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (pictured right) announced that the company’s first priority now, after partnering with Microsoft to use Windows Phone 7 on its devices, is to beat Android.

Anti sleep pilot keeps you awake at the wheel

ASP Technology just launched its Anti Sleep Pilot iPhone and iPad application to help prevent fatigue-related driving accidents. The app calculates a your fatigue level in real-time, maintains your alertness via reaction tests, and alerts your when it is time to take a rest break.

How Zendesk's iPad app makes customer support child's play

Zendesk operates a Web-based help desk service that lets companies track customer complaints across most of the web. It’s one of a number of startups that are trying to bring the ideas behind consumer-facing technology like Twitter and Facebook to the enterprise space. And today it’s launching a mobile version of its app for the iPad.

Adobe: More than 84M smartphones and tablets support AIR

It probably hasn’t been a fun year at Adobe, as the company endured a very public feud with Apple over the absence of its Flash technology on the iPhone and iPad, followed by speculation about its future as an independent company. Nevertheless, Adobe has soldiered on with its strategy to get its technology onto (mostly non-Apple) devices, and now it says those efforts are paying off.

Pandora expects to lose money until 2012

Online radio startup Pandora may have just filed for its initial public offering, but it admits there are still unproven aspects in its business model. In fact, the filing says that Oakland, Calif.-based Pandora expects to post operating losses “through at least the end of fiscal year 2012″ (which runs until Jan. 31, 2012).