The 'Julian Assange factor' that press freedom groups want to avoid at all costs

All editors and journalists could risk legal persecution just for doing their jobs if U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t drop his four-year-old investigation into WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. A warning letter from more than 50 human rights and press freedom groups is demanding a stop to the investigation accordingly.

The country of China.

China blocks access to Dropbox — again

The country saw a temporary reprieve from the Dropbox block back in February, when Chinese officials decided to end the nearly four-year ban on the cloud storage service. But now it seems the government has changed its mind.

brazil-fifa-world-cup-threatened-by-massive-cyber-attack (1)

Joined Brazil’s World Cup? Here’s how to stay safe.

Brazil’s World Cup kicked off with glamour, noise and graffiti, but football fans are not the only ones joining the party. Big scammers and petty cyber-crooks have also packed their bags before the Cup started.


BioCatch's biometric tech snags online fraudsters (and a cool $10M)

BioCatch has raised a total of $10 million in its most recent financing round. The company, which focuses on behavioral biometric authentication and threat detection, intends to use the money to support its research and development efforts and expand its presence in U.S. and European markets.