YouTube on the G1, T-Mobile's Android phone

Online video site YouTube has been on the iPhone since the original version launched last year. It has pretty good usability, especially now that the device has 3G capabilities. NewTeeVee has just posted a video showing YouTube running on the G1, T-Mobile’s Android phone that people should start receiving later this week.

Searching Twitter ability being tested on Twitter

I can search Twitter messages from the Twitter client Hahlo. I can search Twitter messages from FriendFeed. I can search Twitter messages from the iPhone app Twittelator. Hell, I can search Twitter from basically any Twitter-related service besides Twitter itself. But that finally may be about to change.

Geolocation makes its home in Firefox with 3.1 beta 1. Companies start taking advantage of it

Well it didn’t take long for Mozilla to build support for geolocation directly in to the Firefox web browser. Just a week after it officially launched the Geode plug-in for Firefox 3.0, Mozilla today launched Firefox 3.1 beta 1, which eliminates the need for the plug-in. I had a chance to talk with one company that is particularly excited about this functionality,, makers of the location-based news and information service Radar.

New York Times sets campaign finance data free

The New York Times continues to redefine the role of a big newspaper with today’s release of its first application programming interface (API). Using the Campaign Finance API, developers will be able to incorporate data about who donated to which presidential candidate — the same data used to build The Times’ campaign finance map (pictured below)– into their own applications. Coming up next will be an API to access The Times’ movie reviews.

MacBook rumors confirmed, debunked and educated guesses

With the Apple MacBook event slated to kick off in just a matter of hours, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has been able to confirm several of the rumors, debunk others and lay out some compelling guess for the rest. It’s definitely worth noting that Gruber is the same person who nailed Oct. 14 as the date for this event several weeks ago.

New MacBook Pro shots leaked. She's a beauty

It’s been known for a while that Apple was going to completely revamp the look of its MacBook Pro laptop series. It’s had the same basic design for years now. But up until now we’ve only been able to guess what the new version will look like based on rumors and some leaked shots of the disassembled casing. Tonight come the first actual shots of the device before it is announced tomorrow.

Windows 7: The search for a good headline

When news broke today that Microsoft was officially naming the next iteration of its operating system “Windows 7,” all of the VentureBeat writers hanging out in our chat room had the same reaction: Really? Before long we had a rousing game of “write the best headline” going. VentureBeat’s Anthony Ha finally picked one for his actual story, but we thought we’d throw the rest out there just for fun.

Microsoft's Silverlight 2 coming tomorrow

The latest version of its Microsoft’s Silverlight platform for web applications and media will be available for download tomorrow. Silverlight 2 has been in testing mode since March, so many of the technical details were already available, but Microsoft today released more information about traction and partnerships, as well as announcing more open source support.

Google prepping special iPhone ads?

Just because Google will soon release its mobile operating system Android, it’s not ignoring the iPhone. In fact, the online ad giant is preparing to offer advertisers a way to tailor ads for iPhone users, according to Adweek.

At the rate the market is going, Apple may need a sub-$500 laptop on Tuesday

A lot of people have already expressed joy over the confirmation that Apple will be unveiling a bunch of new MacBook laptops at an event Tuesday in San Francisco. But to most people (not white-collar tech types), Apple computers come with one problem: They’re expensive. Given the current economic crisis, Apple may have some trouble on its hands trying to sell a premium product going into these tough times.

iPhone developers are strutting into your town on a world tour

Remember that pesky Apple non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that prevented iPhone application developers from talking about their creations even after they were released? Well it’s now a little more clear why Apple relaxed those rules: The company is launching a world tour aimed at iPhone app developers and it’d be a shame if they had nothing to talk about.

GeoEye-1 sharpens Google's satellite imagery focus

Google signed a deal with satellite imagery company GeoEye back in August to get exclusive images from the company’s new GeoEye-1 satellite. That satellite took off in early September and yesterday it snapped its first images 423 miles above the Earth’s surface, reports Wired. The image (above) is pretty remarkable.