iPhone developers are strutting into your town on a world tour

Remember that pesky Apple non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that prevented iPhone application developers from talking about their creations even after they were released? Well it’s now a little more clear why Apple relaxed those rules: The company is launching a world tour aimed at iPhone app developers and it’d be a shame if they had nothing to talk about.

GeoEye-1 sharpens Google's satellite imagery focus

Google signed a deal with satellite imagery company GeoEye back in August to get exclusive images from the company’s new GeoEye-1 satellite. That satellite took off in early September and yesterday it snapped its first images 423 miles above the Earth’s surface, reports Wired. The image (above) is pretty remarkable.

DARPA's Project GANDALF: You shall not pass (without us knowing your location)!

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the branch of the United States Department of Defense that works on crazy new technology projects for the military. Many of their projects sound more like science fiction or dystopian movie plots instead of feasible things. A new project doesn’t sound all that advanced, but it is potentially scary: Project Gandalf.

What to expect from cleantech in the downturn

[Editor's note: This is an Op-Ed piece by Todd Kimmel, a principal at venture capital firm Advanced Technology Ventures. Kimmel was previously an entrepreneur-in-residence at ATV, which led him to co-found Coskata, one of the most promising cellulosic ethanol startups on the market, in 2006. Early this year, he moved back to ATV to focus on cleantech investment.]

Is this the new MacBook Pro built by laser beams and water jets?

Tension is building as we head into the second week in October and Apple has yet to reveal if it will unveil new MacBooks this month. The original rumored date for an unveiling was October 14, but that is now only 6 days away and no one (including us) has received an invitation to any kind of event. It’s possible Apple could unveil the the MacBooks without an event, but given all the speculation about this being a complete revamp, that is unlikely.

Yahoo's stock hits where it was in October…1998

The stock market was actually up for much of the day today. While that statement is pretty pathetic, it’s worth noting that the tech-heavy Nasdaq was going strong up until market close (see update below), with many of the big name tech stocks making gains. Because of that, it’s also worth noting one stock that saw no such luck today: Yahoo.

Q&A with Cliff Blezinski on making "Gears of War 2" for the Xbox 360

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–When it comes to this Christmas, Epic Games‘ “Gears of War 2” should sell a lot of copies, and potentially a lot of hardware, for publisher Microsoft. The first “Gears of War” sci-fi shooting game debuted in 2006 and sold more than five million copies, giving Microsoft a critical new franchise in the console war. With the new game now complete, Cliff Belszinski, lead design director at Epic Games, was on hand to discuss his sequel as game journalists played Gears of War 2 for three days straight at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf ballroom.

Video: Microsoft creates a boy band to hype PDC 2008

Given all the hype (and letdown) surrounding Microsoft’s recent advertising campaigns, it’s not odd that I’d be posting a Microsoft video that’s been gaining buzz around the Internet. What’s odd is when I sit down to watch it and find that a college friend of mine (who may or may not have been in my fraternity) is one of the five Microsoft boy band members.

Google launches in-game advertising for Flash web games

After months of testing, Google is publicly launching the beta version of its AdSense for Games software. The product represents the company’s first push into a fast-growing new market — the ability to insert ads into games, either as they are being played or just after they finish. The plan is pretty much what I reported in July, when word surfaced that the search giant was testing the ads. Its decision to enter the market with a public beta test is a big deal because it means that the game advertising market is becoming lucrative enough to attract an industry giant.

Google's market cap may drop below $100 billion — like tomorrow

On November 7, 2007, Google’s stock hit its all-time high of $747.24-a-share. After a second-half of incredible growth (in 2007), $1,000-a-share seemed like it was only a matter of time. And some were even calling for $2,000-a-share. (Though, to be fair, Silicon Alley Insider’s Henry Blodget didn’t say exactly when he thought it would hit $2,000-a-share.) People aren’t saying that anymore.

Google calls for debates to spur Knol usage

The buzz around Google Knol, the “Wikipedia killer,” has died since its unveiling in late July. Now, Google is attempting to revive interest in the site by launching Knol debates — op-ed style entries that feature the opinions of opposing experts and allow users to chime in.

Virgance gives philanthropy a proletarian twist

For many years, giving large amounts of money to charity, or affecting the moral choices of major companies, has mainly been the province of elite donors and the corporations themselves. Changing this status quo seems difficult — there’s simply a huge divide between those who have money to give away and the power to make decisions, and those who do not.

Mail Goggles: The cure for drunken emails

When I was in college I was definitely known for sending out the occasional late night email while not of sound mind or judgement. Most of them didn’t get me in trouble — most of them made absolutely no sense — but there was always that uncomfortable situation the next morning where I’d wake up and check what I had sent. Apparently, there’s a Googler out there who had the same problem — and now he’s solved it.

Location comes to the web browser with Mozilla's Geode

Location is a hot field in mobile computing. It makes sense — you’re on the move, and newer phones such as the Apple iPhone and T-Mobile’s Android-based G1 have global positioning systems (GPS) built in. So mobile applications are being built in droves to use location, but web-based apps are largely being left out of the trend. Mozilla hopes to change that tomorrow, however, with the launch of Geode, its location web browser plug-in.

Roundup: Facebook's cashout, Google-Yahoo delayed and more

Here’s the latest action: Google and Yahoo delay ad deal — The delay gives the Justice Department more time for its antitrust investigation. This news, as well as calls by Sen. Herb Kohl (chair of the Senate Antitrust Committee) for more scrutiny, probably doesn’t bode well for the deal, though it may buy the tech companies more time to negotiate.

The Apple aluminum Brick road?

For weeks, rumors have been circulating that a new Apple product code-named “Brick” was nearing completion. Some said it was a redesigned Mac Mini, others thought it would be a sub-notebook, some thought an Apple TV. It appears now that it’s part of what will be a completely new way to manufacture notebooks, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

Run web apps in full-screen native app mode on the iPhone

With the launch of the Apple’s App Store, the once all-powerful web app has lost a lot of its value on the iPhone and iPod touch. There are still plenty of good apps out there — such as the Twitter client Hahlo, FriendFeed and several of the Google web apps — but they’re confined to running within the Safari web browser. That makes them a lot less sexy than native apps. But thanks to a recent update to the iPhone software, web apps can get their sexy back with a few small code tweaks.

If Apple sues CNN's iReport, it won't be over the "i"

Speed may be the great advantage of citizen journalism, but today we saw its downside: inaccuracy. A report this morning on CNN’s iReport, its citizen journalism site, claimed that Apple chief executive Steve Jobs had been rushed to the ER after a severe heart attack. A huge story, with just one problem — it wasn’t true.