Run web apps in full-screen native app mode on the iPhone

With the launch of the Apple’s App Store, the once all-powerful web app has lost a lot of its value on the iPhone and iPod touch. There are still plenty of good apps out there — such as the Twitter client Hahlo, FriendFeed and several of the Google web apps — but they’re confined to running within the Safari web browser. That makes them a lot less sexy than native apps. But thanks to a recent update to the iPhone software, web apps can get their sexy back with a few small code tweaks.

If Apple sues CNN's iReport, it won't be over the "i"

Speed may be the great advantage of citizen journalism, but today we saw its downside: inaccuracy. A report this morning on CNN’s iReport, its citizen journalism site, claimed that Apple chief executive Steve Jobs had been rushed to the ER after a severe heart attack. A huge story, with just one problem — it wasn’t true.

iObama: The Democrats get an iPhone app

The campaign for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is nothing if not savvy in the ways to woo the tech crowd. After months of relentless Internet presence (perhaps even to the point of a mini-backlash) the campaign has a new tool in its efforts to mobilize young techies — an iPhone application.

Netflix Watch Instantly for the Mac is fast approaching. Will Apple respond?

Netflix made its streaming video Watch Instantly offering more compelling today with the addition of films from Starz Play, the cable network Starz’ online streaming video service. But aside from that, within the blog post about the deal, Netflix stated two key updates: First, Netflix Watch Instantly content is still slated to be rolled out to the Xbox 360 gaming console later this fall. And second, Netflix is promising a Watch Instantly solution for Mac users by the end of this year.

Is political debate driving people to Twitter and changing its nature?

Twitter started out as a service in which you were given 140 characters to give mundane updates about your activities at any given moment. That’s why you still see the “What are you doing?” question above the text input box on the site. But somewhere along the way that input box evolved into a forum for more meaningful discourse. Political debate in particular seems to be popular and may be driving usage of the micro-messaging service, according to some new data released today by Twitter.

Imeem revamps its site for a more cohesive online music experience

Before MySpace Music even existed, online social music service imeem had a deal with all the major labels and many of the smaller ones to stream their music for free over the Internet. The problem, is that the music was scattered all over the place, making a cohesive music experience harder to achieve than through services like iTunes (where you pay for all your music) or Pandora (where you cannot select which songs you will hear next). Today brings a newly revamped version of imeem that streamlines the music experience while adding some new features.

StumbleUpon tears down the plug-in wall, lets in the masses

Using the web site discovery service StumbleUpon right now is kind of like driving a hot convertible with the top up. It’s a cool car, and having the top on gives you better performance, but it’s just not quite as sexy. That top is akin to StumbleUpon’s toolbar web browser plug-in, which you currently must use to use the service. But tonight, StumbleUpon is dropping the top and letting the sun in.

Buy your home copy of Iron Man for only $1,200

Dell is partnering with Paramount Pictures on a promotion that can only be described as pointless. The computer maker will give consumers the option of pre-loading a digital copy of the film Iron Man onto their new computers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s all well and good — Iron Man is a fine movie — but exactly what either company hopes to gain is beyond me.

Will Xbox 360 fans go for Jasper?

Xbox 360 consoles have been notoriously unreliable. But Microsoft may have improved the reliability of the consoles with the newest models that carry a new motherboard, dubbed Jasper, and have a new and improved graphics chip.

Stock market crash confuses Google Finance — has the wrong closing price for nearly every stock!

If you look at Google Finance, Google’s stock information site, you may notice something odd: Its numbers are off — as far as I can tell, nearly all of them! This is clearly a problem on a day when the majority of the country is looking for information about stock prices after one of the biggest collapses in the history of the stock market.

Yahoo launches its own Dr. Know site for the Google search ad deal "flat facts"

I think it’s a fair assessment to say that the Google/Yahoo search advertising deal, like most things, is a shade of gray as to whether or not it’s a good thing. It really depends on your perspective. While Google and Yahoo might like it, obviously, Microsoft will not. That isn’t stopping Google and Yahoo from promoting their perspectives with their own sites. Google launched one last week. And today brings one from Yahoo.

Q&A with PlayFirst's John Welch on making game consoles obsolete and making gamers out of everyone

PlayFirst co-found and CEO John Welch has done what many have tried, and few have succeeded. He’s managed to launch a company built around casual gaming and actually build established brands. And while Cooking Dash might not be as instantly recognizable as Mario just yet, the company has just started cookin’. We sat down to talk to Welch, who co-founded the company in 2004, at the New York Game Conference. VB: Where do you see the state of online games today?

Q&A with Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley on making online games

John Smedley grew up playing the “Dungeons & Dragons” fantasy-role playing board game during lunch. Today he’s president of Sony Online Entertainment. Smedley was in New York to give the keynote at the inaugural New York Games Conference, which was under extremely tight security. But it turned out they weren’t there to protect Smedley or the conference – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, was actually staying at the hotel across the street. That was the backdrop as Peter Suciu, a longtime video game writer in New York, sat down to talk with Smedley about the future of online games.

Adweek: Media buyers still hesitant about highly targeted ad campaigns

Addressability — the ability to deliver TV ads to target individual households rather than more general groups — is the new buzzword in advertising. And a panel session at the Adweek conference in New York yesterday that included speakers from Bloomberg and NBC Universal, as well as several traditional and digital ad agencies, highlighted exactly why addressable advertising has Madison Avenue’s media buyers feeling more than a little conflicted.