Watch this: Our top ten videos of 2008

The best viral videos of 2008 weren’t necessarily the ones that got the most page views, in my humble opinion. Or the list below would feature Fred — whose helium and sugar-fueled antics often make me want to chuck my dying laptop out the window — a music video, or Paris Hilton.

The $99 iPhone lives! (Through AT&T, not Wal-Mart)

Some of you are likely upset that we now know for certain that Wal-Mart won’t be selling the iPhone for $99, and instead will give it a measly $2 discount when it goes on sale on Sunday. So I’m happy to report today that there is one outlet that’s started selling iPhones for $99 — perhaps you’ve even heard of it: AT&T.

Wal-Mart confirms iPhone 3G for Sunday, $2 off

No real surprise here, but Wal-Mart has finally confirmed that it will, in fact, be selling Apple’s iPhone starting this Sunday. The retail chain plans to have the 8 gigabyte model available for $197 and the 16 gigabyte model for $297 — yes, a full $2 off what the device normally costs through Apple and AT&T.

Sony Vaio Pocket leaked — hope you have cargo pants

Rumblings the past few days had Sony getting ready to unveil its first entry into the currently hot netbook category of computers. Netbooks are small, low-weight and low-cost laptops that, while not as powerful as their bigger counterparts, can handle things like surfing the web just fine. The leaked specs for Sony’s Vaio Pocket, as it’s to be called, are calling into question just how low cost it could be.

The Grinch pays a visit to eBay

The holiday season hasn’t brought its usual good tidings to auction-based marketplace eBay this year, reports the Wall Street Journal. Site traffic for November and December fell off 16 percent from last year; transaction revenue has slipped 28 percent to $1.44 billion; and some users have reported a decline in individual sales of up to 40 percent versus 2007. Some analysts are even predicting the San Jose, Calif. company will post its first decline in revenue since its inception at the end of the quarter.

MG's ten favorite iPhone apps of 2008

Now before I write anything else, let me just say that these are my ten favorite iPhone applications of 2008 and not necessarily what I think are the ten best iPhone apps — because really, there are so many diverse apps, how can one judge which are the best of them?

The ten most-anticipated video games of 2009

With the new year approaching, there’s no time like the present to look ahead to what is shaping up to be another record-breaking year in the videogame business. While many big games have yet to be officially confirmed or even announced, especially from Nintendo’s tight-lipped camp, there are enough console games out there to compile this top ten list. I’m leaving out downloadable games – Take 2 Interactive’s Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned is likely to break records in downloadable content – as well as PC games, and focusing instead on the meat and potatoes of the game industry – the consoles and portables.

Mozilla launches a slick first beta of Camino 2.0

I’ve been using Camino, Mozilla’s open-source web browser built for the Mac, for quite some time now. I simply love its speed, simplicity and look — especially with its sibling browser Firefox getting overrun with bloated plugins. And today Camino gets even better with the first beta release of Camino 2.0.

iPhone fart app pulls in nearly $10,000 a day

Apple’s App Store is currently experiencing a plague of fart applications. Last week, I detailed one day in which at least 14 new fart apps were accepted into the store. And now, just in a quick search, it looks like there are about 50 apps all dedicated to making fart noises on your iPhone or iPod touch. Classy, I know, but why are there so many?

USA Today pretties up the news on the iPhone

USA Today, the national newspaper, has a long history of prettying-up the news with the use of color. Full color images, graphics and even sections have long been a staple of the paper, even when most of its peers were still in black and white. Now USA Today has brought that same flare to the iPhone with its new, free application.

More iPhone nano rumors, this time from a source that's been right in the past

The iPhone nano, which may or may not be the real name for a product that may or may not be real, is front and center of the Apple rumor mill again today. Unlike last week’s rumor, which came from a questionable source, today yields the same rumor from a source that’s been right in the past. iPhone case manufacturer XSKN has a listing for an “iPhone Nano” case on their website, as MacRumors point out.

iPhone 3G yellowsn0w software unlock video

For those of you who really want to buy an iPhone 3G but refuse to use AT&T’s service, the wait is over — almost. As the video below shows, a group known as Dev-Team has created a software unlock for the device that will allow it to run on other carrier’s networks. Now you just have to wait 10 more days to try it yourself — the team plans to release the code on New Year’s Eve.

Whispers of the G2 Android phone grow louder

Yesterday, the T-Mobile blog CellPhone Signal published a list of new features it claimed would be in the G2, the second HTC-built phone built for the T-Mobile network running Google’s Android platform. The most outrageous claim, however, was the supposed date of the device’s release: January 26, 2009.

Google Reader quietly launches a "What's hot" area. Where's the "most shared" area?

Given the number of people who use Google Reader’s “Starred items” and “Shared items” features, you’d think Google would have some very good data for creating a killer “best of” area for stories across the web. In the past, people have talked about how such a feature could be a “Digg killer,” but Google has passed on such an opportunity — thus far. A new feature quietly rolled out this week may indicate that it is coming.

Loopt unifies location-based services across all the major mobile networks

Most people have probably heard about the location-based social network Loopt thanks to its nifty, but crippled (more on that below), iPhone application. But the service is available most of the other major networks, on a wide variety of phones. Actually, make that all of the major networks, because starting today it’s launching a beta version of its service on the AT&T network.

Sprint unboxes free Pandora across its network

Us iPhone users are spoiled: We get to listen to Pandora’s streaming web music for free thanks to its brilliant application (the top downloaded app for all of 2008 in the App Store). Owners of other devices, on other networks, haven’t been so lucky, as many have to pay a monthly fee to access Pandora. But that’s not the case with Sprint subscribers anymore as Pandora will now be free on phones that support it.

FriendFeed says 'SUP to some new services

We first wrote about FriendFeed working a new Really Simple Syndication (RSS) supplement that it was calling Simple Update Protocol (SUP) earlier this year. The idea was to speed up the way new content is pulled into the social aggregator. Today, FriendFeed has announced several updates to its SUP support.

12seconds prods the iPhone with a non-video video app

Up there on the list of complaints about the iPhone is that its camera doesn’t support video capture. Well, it can (more on that later), but Apple won’t turn it on or allow any applications in the App Store that use the camera for video. That’s a problem for a startup like 12seconds, an online video application. So it came up with a new way to post to 12seconds with its iPhone app.