Video: Play those iPhone apps on your TV

I still believe that Apple is eventually going to roll out versions of its App Store across its different products, including the Apple TV. Applications are selling like crazy in the App Store (300 million downloads so far) and a lot of them, like the games, would make just as much sense on a television. Don’t believe me? Check out the video embedded below.

Android's expansion into China: a big deal

For the moment, the G1 phone, made by HTC and carried by T-Mobile, is the device American consumers think of when they happen to think of Google’s Android operating system. It’s important, though, to remember that Google has much bigger ambitions for Android — It aims to make it the operating system used on phones and other devices around the world. It took another big step towards that with the introduction of the i6-Goal device in China, announced earlier this week.

Hand over all your Facebook photos to Obama, please

Applying to a position in Obama’s cabinet and administration is tougher than climbing Mt. Everest while performing open-heart surgery. But even after a candidate’s passed the intense vetting process, it doesn’t mean they automatically stay out of trouble, as we’ve just seen with head speechwriter Jon Favreau.

Circle of Moms gets circle of traffic

Save the drama for your mama, or at least take it online. Circle of Moms, a new parenting website launched in October 2008, can now celebrate its 850,000 registered users. Only two months after crashing the parenthood site party, it’s now the second largest community of mothers after CafeMom with its public launch today.

Wal-Mart iPhone to hit the magic price point: $99?

$99 is a magic price point. It’s basically $100 but it doesn’t look like $100 thanks to that one less digit. That comforts a lot of consumers, and they’re more likely to buy when they’re comfortable with the price. So it’s potentially huge news that perhaps the hottest consumer item out there right now, the iPhone, could hit this magic $99 when it goes on sale at Wal-Mart soon, a tipster tells the blog Boy Genius Report.

Boxee adds Netflix support, but not for the Apple TV…yet

As set-top boxes that stream content over the internet to your TV become more popular, certain elements are starting to stand out to differentiate the best ones. Recently, the most popular of these elements is Netflix support. Roku has it, TiVo has it, some Blu-ray players have it and now even the Xbox 360 has it. So it makes sense that Boxee, the digital interface software company that hopes to land deals to get on set-top boxes, would add support for it. Today, it’s announcing just that.

Tap Tap Dance puts a rave in your iPhone

The concept behind Tap Tap Revenge was simple: It was basically the popular console music-based game Guitar Hero ported to the iPhone. At first it worked because it was a perfectly simple use of the iPhone’s touchscreen. It worked even better when it got real music. Now the game developer, Tapulous, is expanding it beyond rock music, into dance music with Tap Tap Dance. Guess what? It still works.

JackNyfe takes $3.8M for link social networking

JackNyfe, the developer of an application that lets users rate, search, copy and comment on links on any web site within a social-network framework, has raised $3.8 million in second-round funding from Altos Ventures and undisclosed others, reports peHub. Not much is known about the Hillsborough, Calif. company. Even its site is pretty spare, except for the careers section, which lists several engineering and design positions.

Look what iFound: iFund submissions leaked online

Are you an iPhone application maker planning to compete to get money from venture firm Kleiner Perkins’ $100 million iFund? Or maybe you’re an app maker who just wants to know what apps people are working on? Well, I’ve got some good news for you — and some bad news for some current applicants in the said iFund: A file containing hundreds of app proposals has been accidentally leaked onto the web, TechCrunch reports.

Is nostalgia recession-proof? OnceUponAWin hopes so

This recession is giving everyone flashbacks of a simpler, happier time, when slap bracelets weren’t yet banned by elementary schools, Fun Dip candy didn’t have all those negative drug connotations and parachute pants were not considered impractical. The company, creators of the captioning sites I Can Has Cheezburger (silly exploits of cats) and FAIL Blog (failed sailboats and more), has a new site: OnceUponAWin. It invites users to send in their favorite nostalgic (defined as anything pre-2000) photos and videos to create a “visual collection of epic wins from the past.”

MySpace aims to bring mobile videos to the masses

Social network MySpace is launching a new worldwide service that will let its users watch videos on its mobile site from their phones. Mobile video has not been a smashing consumer success. But MySpace’s mobile site ( gets more than 10 million monthly unique visitors and more than 3 billion monthly pageviews, the company says. So the introduction of video could give mobile-video streaming a big boost.

Promotional iPhone app codes will help small developers, teach them to hoard

I’ve tested a bunch of iPhone applications by bypassing Apple’s App Store so developers could either get them to me for free or before they’re actually released. The process is kind of a pain. But now Apple has made it slightly easier thanks to promotional codes that developers can use to send out their apps to select people for free, MacRumors reports.

Apple's 2008 Top iPhone Apps section of iTunes

So maybe you just got an iPhone or iPod touch, or maybe you’re going to get one very soon for the holidays. With something like 10,000 applications out there in Apple’s App Store, it’s basically impossible to know which ones to get. Sure, the most popular ones right now are clearly displayed in the store, but those leave out a lot of great ones that have been popular in the past. Luckily, Apple has just rolled out a Top Apps category in iTunes as part of its iTunes 2008 year-end section.

Loopt still homing in on location networking on the iPhone

Apple clearly has high hopes for the location-based social network Loopt. It has shown off Loopt’s iPhone application at conferences, featured it on its displays and even made it central in one of the new iPhone commercials. But Loopt hasn’t yet reached its potential on the device. Everyone is still trying to figure out the best way to do location-based networking. It’s a work-in-progress, and updates to Loopt’s app show that.

Reddit gets an (unofficial) iPhone app

Since the App Store launched this past summer, it was odd to me that none of the big social-voting sites have launched iPhone apps. Sure, all work on the iPhone’s Safari web browser, and some, like Digg, are even optimized for it, but given how devoted some of those sites’ users are, it would seem logical to create slick apps for the services. Now there is one — unofficially — for Reddit.

Blockbuster and Microsoft: Two peas not in an iPod

When I was growing up, if you heard the term “movie rental,” Blockbuster immediately sprung in your head. That’s not the case anymore. Thanks to Netflix, video on demand from the cable companies and an increasing number of options to rent films over the Internet, Blockbuster is increasingly irrelevant. But it’s trying to battle back, and now it has a new partner: Microsoft.

The Huffington Post confirms $25M third round

Political news site The Huffington Post announced today that it has raised $25 million from Oak Investment Partners — significantly higher than the $15 million that was reported by the Times UK in late November. Kara Swisher of All Things Digital says the valuation was slightly less than $100 million.

Antimatter: Pangea makes another winning iPhone game

The first game I downloaded from Apple’s App Store for the iPhone was Enigmo, a puzzle game by the development company Pangea. It’s a great game in the vein of Lemmings, but you manipulate drops of water rather than death-seeking drones — so great, that I still actually play it. (How many iPhone apps can you honestly say you’ve been using for months?) Yesterday, Pangea released a new game into the App Store: Antimatter. After a day of playing it, I’m confident that it’s another winner.