Want to know what the top 1,000 AngelList investors are reading? Check out this Nuzzel news feed

Anyone who wants to keep informed on what the world’s top angel investors are reading might find a Twitter list can accomplish this task, as long as you’re constantly watching for new updates. But for anyone who doesn’t have that kind of time (which is most people with any degree of responsibility), you may want to check out this list of links shared by the top 1,000 AngelList investors via news aggregation startup Nuzzel.

State of Digital Transformation 2014

People are more important than technology, according to new Altimeter Group study

The Altimeter Group has just released The 2014 State of Digital Transformation, its second report on the topic this year. Principal analyst Brian Solis spent time researching and interviewing leading businesses from different industries to see how they interact with customers through technology. The challenges faced in the process were also examined.


Redefining friction in a mobile-first world

When reducing friction for users meant switching from a desktop computer to a laptop, the validity of that phrase wasn’t just obvious, it was inarguable. But what about now, when reducing friction means going from two taps in an app to just one?

Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park

This summer, don't miss GrowthBeat & GROW Conference

This summer, two of the leading tech conferences are breaking through the clutter of data, growth, marketing and customer experience. Starting with GrowthBeat in San Francisco, followed by the GROW Conference, in Whistler.


One Kings Lane makes data count, drives bigger sales with fewer emails

At GrowthBeat, One Kings Lane will show how it uses platforms like CommandIQ to build unified profiles from its customers’ multiple digital bread crumbs and then design A/B testing campaigns to send fewer emails with much better chances of driving purchases.