Mike Tyson Day: Can I Still Beat Mike Tyson? Can You?

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"Mike Tyson Day" is a yearly ritual in which I fight (and hopefully beat) Mike Tyson in the NES classic, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. I had hoped that the Bitmob community would play along, but it seems that not everyone (or anyone) owns a copy of the game. Only Matt Smith and his co-workers were brave enough to challenge Kid Dynamite. Here's what he had to say:

"Wow, I just beat him after trying for hours…… got two stars and caught him on the eye blink twice. The second time at 2:58 in the round. I have had everyone in my office try and most people are TKO'd in under 30 seconds; only me and another person have made it into the second round. There have been multiple controller tosses and fits of rage by everyone. My co-workers have swore off the game for life.  Having beat him one time today with all my friend/co-workers watching was an amazing feeling. I guess I will give up for now, there is always next year I guess."

I was originally going to write a story to document this year's effort, but at the last minute I decided to break out a camera and film my quest. The video's nothing fancy (the fact that my head is halfway-chopped off is proof of that), but hopefully you enjoy it.

Hit the jump to watch the video. Happy Mike Tyson Day!