Video Blips: Rusty Hearts, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Nuclear Dawn, and more

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You wouldn’t know that a game like Rusty Hearts was free to play just by looking at it. That just goes to show how legitimate these free games are becoming.

Video Blips:

• Games like Rusty Hearts are great for people who want a fun experience on a tight budget. My pockets are starting to look depressingly bare, so perhaps I should keep an eye on these kinds of titles.

Continue after the break for a look at some one-on-one in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, a lesson on how resource points work in Nuclear Dawn, and a peek at the adorable nature of Hungribles.


• Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has some pretty dynamic-looking interactions between individual players. I wonder if they’ll eventually implement the ability to fake an injury.

• Nuclear Dawn blends the action of first-person shooters and the management of real-time strategy. I can imagine that blending genres will be a future trend within video games.

• In case you haven’t noticed, the art style of Hungribles is very…charming. It seems that a lot of low-budget games are very cutesy. Perhaps the only way these games can get people’s attention is to have colorful and fluffy things?