Video Blips: Rage, Driver: San Francisco, Shinobi 3DS, and more

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Last night, I attended a party where I spoke with Metacafe’s Editorial Director Douglass C. Perry. He stated that he was actually looking forward to Rage — after having played a decent portion of it. Perhaps a lot of us judged too quickly?

Video Blips:

• When people first saw Rage, they instantly compared it to other post-apocalyptic games like Fallout 3 and Borderlands. Those are somewhat unfair comparisons, aren’t they? All three games play nothing like each other.

After the break, check out the multiplayer modes of Driver: San Francisco, see the history of the Shinobi series up to Shinobi 3DS, and view some gameplay footage of Karma Online.


• This video to Driver: San Francisco suggests that you don’t blink and drive. Well, I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel, and everything turned out fine. Stick that in your engine and combust it, Ubisoft.

• I didn’t realize there were so many titles preceding Shinobi 3DS. The PS2 installment of Shinobi was the first in the series that I’d ever seen. That’s bad, right?

• In this video, developer Dragonfly tell us the applications of each weapon in Karma Online. Thank God they explained that sniper rifles took people out at long distances. I always tried using them as clubs.