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While first-person shooters are among the most common and easiest pick-up-and-play games available, the awful amount of bitching from the online community is clear proof that not everyone is aware of how to play.

The annual FPS fest is nearly here. But let's not forget that no matter if you're celebrating it on November 13 (for those who faithfully attend the traditional release of a Call of Duty game), November 6 (for those who worship the fourth coming of our savior, Master Chief, in Halo 4), or early on October 23 (for those silly people expecting something called Medal of Honor), in the end you'll all end up complaining about basically the same thing.

The following flowchart should cover the different stages of gameplay that most have to endure when interacting with any game of this genre.


How to play your generic first-person shooter

Enlarge flowchart

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