Monster allies

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Final Fantasy 13-2 ReaverSo I have been playing around some role-playing games and some games have this style that you have to befriend, tame or capture a monster and have them as allies. While it’s a pretty thing to do as you can try to catch them all, they should add some other stuff to keep gamers interested collecting them. Here is a list that I hope they should add or fix if they ever make it into games again.

1. Evolution – I played games and level the monsters and be excited what kind it will evolve into, When it comes to evolution I am expecting the monsters to become bad ass like Digimon.

2. Fusion – Not just inherit skills, maybe produce a hybrid skill and really take some of the characteristic of the monsters of the fused monsters Jade Cocoon style.

3. Skills – We want the monsters, we want to train them, if the game wants them to be treated as a party member give at least a unique skill to the monster that has some cool animation. Maybe a summon style attack from Final Fantasy or a flashy move.

4. Customization – Yep, Once we have a favorite unit we want to modify them as our own that is why some people would grind the heck out of a boss for a new hat. I’m talking Final Fantasy XIII-2 style that we can add some decoration to the monsters, change their name and maybe their color.

5. Mini Games – The monsters should have at least some cards for us to play with. I remember the cards in Final Fantasy 8, but if you lose, you lose points not some rare cards.

6. Online Mode – Yes this is it. This is where the players get to see their pet in action. PVP for the monsters to win cool stuff, maybe some in-game item for faster leveling.

Guess we will have to wait if this happens all in one game.