Zaarly Anywhere, meet Ubokia Everywhere: Ubokia launches embedded ‘want’ marketplaces

Zaarly Anywhere, meet Ubokia Everywhere.
Ubokia, the reverse Craigslist where buyers tell sellers what they want, is releasing new capability called Ubokia Everywhere, which will enable any site on the internet to create its own unique marketplace of wants.
And the new update seems to be a direct response to sort-of-kind-of competitor Zaarly.

PayPal wants to be here, there and everywhere

PayPal is the granddaddy of the online payments space. It was the remora of eBay until the auction giant bought it in 2002. Last year, PayPal processed $119 billion in transactions and accounted for 38% of eBay’s revenue. In the past year, eBay’s stock (+52%) has well outperformed Google (+11%), Amazon (+16%), Facebook (-45%) and Groupon (-75%) as of Friday’s close. (Disclosure: I have options against Facebook and Groupon. Facebook’s and Groupon’s numbers are based on their respective IPOs.)