Why flash in the cloud will shake up enterprise storage

The big news in storage lately is that EMC is acquiring XtremIO. XtremIO is crafting a next-generation storage array, purpose built for 100% solid-state flash memory. EMC is the market leader in the $30 billion global market for disk-based storage. In acquiring a nascent, unabashedly competitive product to its existing mainstay disk-based storage product line, EMC is foreshadowing the impending flash revolution in data center storage. Flash memory has already transformed consumer devices like smartphones, tablets, and ultra-notebooks (think MacBook Air). These devices use a solid state drive, also know as SSD or flash drive, rather than traditional mechanical disk. Presumably, if you have a flash-based device, you don’t miss those quaint whirring and chirping noises that a PC’s hard drive makes, and flash also delivers radically better performance and battery life. What you may not know is that a similar shift is already underway in the data center: Google’s instant search and Facebook’s performance intensive applications are powered by flash rather than hard drives.

5 trends in oil & gas technology, and why you should care

Oil is in the news again. Last week, oil prices touched all-time highs due to Iranian export declines; the chief economist of the International Energy Agency said that high oil prices could cause an international recession. And whereas it looked like the State Department had put the breaks on the Keystone pipeline in November, President Obama announced last week that he was going to fast-track the construction of the southernmost portion of the project.