Cool private companies: 3 business services for doing more with less

As a software securities analyst for investment banking firm Canaccord Genuity, Richard Davis spends 200 days a year on the road visiting companies. He goes to public companies such as Oracle and, but he also visits up-and-coming software companies he thinks will go public in the near future. In his new column, Davis talks about some candidates he thinks may be ripe for the IPO class of 2012 or 2013.

How we quadrupled revenue by uniting sales and marketing

It’s time to scrap the dysfunctional, binary approach of “sales and marketing,” and look for a new system that harnesses the strengths of both groups to drive a company’s revenue. In order to do that, we must move past traditional sales cycles (and the supporting role marketing plays) and start attacking the entire revenue process with something called revenue performance management (RPM).

How to choose the right marketing automation tools

[Editor’s note: VentureBeat received several messages saying this story contains inaccuracies. The following corrections have been made: The description of Pardot has been revised to reflect that the Pardot platform does extend into sales, new information on Genius’ customer retention has been added, the spelling of Silverpop’s Vtrenz product has been corrected, and the statement that Silverpop stopped developing its marketing automation product has been removed. For an update on this story, see our followup post, “What the !@#$ is marketing automation?”