Zink turns ink crystals into cash with a new $35M round of funding

Zink’s cool inkless-printer technology breathes air into a product that has caused many consumers pain with the constant changing, recycling and buying of expensive ink cartridges. Today, Zink announced a $35 million second round of funding, led by Genii Capital. How do you celebrate $35 million? For Zink it’s hire two chief executive officers to co-run your company.

Steve Jobs’ death reminds Silicon Valley that it needs to remember its history

Silicon Valley isn’t a place with a long memory. There are plenty of people who migrate here in search of wealth, without knowing much about its history. To them, only the newest technology is important, not the stuff of the past. They race ahead from one bubble to the next, oblivious to the fact that there are such things as boom-and-bust cycles.