The DeanBeat: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception tops our list of the 10 best games of 2011

This year, with our ramped up our GamesBeat review team, we’ve taken our Game of the Year choices much more seriously than we have in the past. We asked our reviewers to select the semifinalists and then picked the final winners ourselves. But our vote on the best game of 2011 ended in a tie, so we had to hold a tie-breaker round to pick our winner.

The DeanBeat: Movie-like “set pieces” score big sales for video games

With games like Uncharted 3: Drake’s Fortune sweeping us off our feet this holiday season, gamers  are getting spoiled by video game “set pieces.” These are the crazy, over-the-top, movie-like action scenes that make your jaw drop. Like when Nathan Drake gets in a firefight on a cargo airplane with the ramp open and everything is being sucked out of the plane. As a player, you’re trying to get a bead on somebody shooting at you, but that damn wind just keeps blowing off your aim.

Interview: Modern Warfare 3’s creative director discusses blowing up the world, carefully

As part of VentureBeat’s Modern Warfare 3 coverage leading up to our definitive review and the game’s release on Nov. 8, I had the chance to sit down with three of the pivotal members of the Call of Duty team to discuss the upcoming game, complain about Veteran difficulty, and talk about developer Infinity Ward’s take on Nazi zombies.