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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Uber’s legacy hangs in the balance: Digital robber baron or respectable innovator?

Uber, the leading ridesharing company, has earned the distinction of becoming one of the most hated companies in the technology industry. One of its executives, Emil Michael, recently suggested to a large dinner gathering that his company should allocate $1 million to dig up dirt on reporters who were criticizing it. Last month, it tried to entice riders in Lyon, France, with ads pitching free pickups from attractive female drivers. In an interview with GQ earlier this year, Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick referred to his $18 billion company as “Boober” because it gained him “skyrocketing desirability” with women. The company has also received widespread criticism for treating its drivers as disposable entities.

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What to Think, Ep. 30: How Google works

Jonathan Rosenberg, co-author of the new book How Google Works (along with Eric Schmidt), started at Google in 2002. He helped create some of the company’s most iconic products, including AdSense, Gmail, Android, and more.


Surgeon develops an image of how texting warps your spine. We have a quick solution

Texting has some nasty effects on the spine. Craning our heads downward to stare at a screen creates an additional 60 pounds of pressure on our delicate spines, threatening the body with permanent injuries. This is according to new report from Kenneth Hansraj, a New York-based surgeon, who developed a computer model of how poor texting posture distorts the spine (image above).


Spyder 3D World Adds 3D Printer Directory

Adding another dimension to the sharing economy, Spyder 3D World today announced the addition of a local printer directory to its growing online community. For those who want their makes printed on demand, the directory provides an opportunity…

Taylor Swift shreds.

Sorry, Taylor: Spotify is going to be part of the Billboard charts

Billboard and partner Nielsen SoundScan will soon start counting streaming services like Spotify and Beats Music in its signature ranking, the Billboard 200, reports The New York Times’ Ben Sisario.