Google Hangout competitor,, attracts 100K users in 2 months (exclusive)

Google Plus, eat your heart out. Group video conferencing service has grown to 100,000 users since launching in April. The startup’s three founders have been heads down developing screen-sharing and file transfer features, released today, with lofty plans of taking on Webex and other clunky video conference services for the enterprise.

An alternative to incubators: the co-working space

If you’re a startup, you’ve probably considered joining an incubator. But residency can be competitive and the requirements stiff. TechStars and Y-Combinator are well-known incubators that offer funding, mentorship, and access to a community of venture capitalists and anointed digerati — but only for a select few. Applicants also have to provide detailed business plans and disclose development, operational, marketing, and sales activities to get into the club.

VBWeekly: the best of Y-Combinator and ask the Magic 8 Ball.

[vimeo 39558190 w=558 h=314] In today’s VBWeekly video we invade the VentureBeat writers lounge to ask our reporters about the Y-Combinator Demo Day event. We asked Meghan Kelly and Sarah Mitroff about the presentations that made them laugh; later we ask them what company they think has the best chance for success. Finally, we asked the Magic 8 Ball if tomorrow’s VB Mobile Summit will be a success.  And it says ‘Yes”!