Zaarly Anywhere, meet Ubokia Everywhere: Ubokia launches embedded ‘want’ marketplaces

Zaarly Anywhere, meet Ubokia Everywhere.
Ubokia, the reverse Craigslist where buyers tell sellers what they want, is releasing new capability called Ubokia Everywhere, which will enable any site on the internet to create its own unique marketplace of wants.
And the new update seems to be a direct response to sort-of-kind-of competitor Zaarly.

Why a remote workforce is bad for startups

It seems like every company, every article, and every startup CEO today proclaims that the workforce is changing, and the need to be in the same physical space no longer exists.┬áSure, we’d all like to think it is. Heck, I spent years building software and finding tools to help me work remotely, saying, “We don’t need an office space.” I was wrong.