Rise of the Enterprise
Since its infancy, the cloud has primarily been seen as a way for small businesses to obtain a level of service that was formerly out of their reach. But over the last couple of years, large enterprises have started to take note and realize that they, too, can gain advantages out of utilizing the cloud. In “Rise of the Enterprise,” we examine the benefits that cloud offers small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise and explore the areas where cloud adds significant value specifically to the enterprise.

  • Do SMBs and enterprise buyers see the same value in the cloud, or are their priorities very different?
  • Can traditional enterprise IT providers adapt to offer compelling cloud-based services?
  • Can cloud providers adapt their consumer or SMB offerings to meet the needs of the enterprise?
  • Will the enterprise ever buy mission-critical capabilities from a startup?

Integration: It’s a maturity thing. ‘Enabling the Web’
With Cisco and others projecting more connected mobile devices in the world than people by the end of 2013, and an explosion in the range of tools and services being deployed to meet business requirements, organizations look toward the cloud to enable the management of a highly tailored and context-specific “web” of content and capabilities. In doing so, however, organizations face increasing complexity as they seek to leverage APIs, integrate solutions, and maintain high levels of security, reliability, and compliance. In this topic, we look at the opportunities and the barriers to the creation of this web.

  • Do BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BYOA (Bring Your Own Apps) make a workforce more content, more engaged, and more productive? Or are they simply a security and integration nightmare?
  • Are APIs becoming just as important as a web interface or an app, and are specific API providers proving particularly successful in seizing this opportunity?
  • Are particular companies establishing themselves as centers of gravity in this increasingly complex web, successfully marketing themselves as a point through which data from other services can — and should — flow to the user?
  • Does increased interest in integration suggest the growing importance of Platform as a Service (PaaS) within the cloud, or will Infrastructure (IaaS) and Software (SaaS) solutions simply evolve to capture this market opportunity?

The Davids vs. Goliath
As the companies that effectively introduced SaaS and IaaS to the world, Salesforce and AWS are still seen as the vendors to beat in the industry. However, the ever-increasing challenges that technology is asked to provide solutions for dictates an incredibly high level of innovation. In this topic, we ask the hard questions around whether the big names in cloud will stay that way for the foreseeable future or whether the exciting vendors and technologies surrounding them will ultimately knock them off their pedestal.

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