Master Class Agenda

Tuesday, November 12th

8:30am - 9:30amRegistration & Continental Breakfast (The Parlor & Grand Ballroom)
9:30am - 10:25amMaster Class: Developer-first security - Integrating Security into Development (Sutter Annex)
Amazing applications can quickly change the world, empower business and connect users around the globe. However, without proper security built-in during development these applications can be compromised by attackers to put user data at risk, cripple user trust with the application, and result in financial losses or regulatory fines. Join Michael to understand the top application security threats plaguing applications, how attackers are exploiting these weaknesses and how you can build secure, robust applications to withstand modern day attacks.
Michael Coates, Director of Product Security at Shape Security & Chair at OWASP
10:25am - 10:35amTransition
10:35am - 11:30amMaster Class: Node.js (Sutter Annex)
This session serves as a primer for developing with Node.js, and is aimed at experienced javascript developers. Node.js is a platform for building fast and scalable distributed applications. We'll discuss the non-blocking, event-driven I/O model in terms of how to program with it, and why it is useful. Learn the differences between server side javascript and client side javascript, and the data intensive, real-time applications that node is good for. We'll also discuss how Joyent uses node in production, and some of the tools Joyent uses for debugging and performance analysis of node applications.
Max Bruning, Training Director, Joyent
11:30am - 11:40amTransition
11:40am - 12:35pmMaster Class: AppLink (Sutter Annex)
Ford will host a Master Class on how to connect your Android or iOS device to the SYNC TDK with the AppLink SDK, and create apps which can interact with the vehicle. From there, let your imagination run wild; use the TDK to interact with the outside world OR, use the outside world to present information inside the vehicle with the TDK.
Julius Marchwicki, Global Product Manager for SYNC AppLink, Ford
12:35pm - 1:35pmLunch hosted by New Relic (3rd Floor - Candidate Room, Main Level - Grand Ballroom, Lower Level - Sutter Room)
1:35pm - 2:30pmMaster Class: Cost effectively design, develop, test, deploy, run, and manage a portfolio of mobile applications (Sutter Annex)
Building hybrid mobile apps that leverage the power of the web with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as native capabilities backed by their respective SDKs can be fun, functional and compelling. Attend this master class to step through building a hybrid mobile app starting from conception to a working application for iOS and Android devices. Get a feel for rapid development using the no-cost developer tool IBM Worklight – so now you can truly reap the rewards of the rapid development enabled by many great open source projects such as: jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Apache Cordova and many others. Moreover, what if you could effectively manage the cost and complexity of testing your mobile application without compromising the quality of the result? We will share how to have an effective mobile application testing strategy utilizing IBM Rational Test Workbench that balances the use of multiple forms of integrated test execution capabilities (e.g., test virtualization, test optimization, cloud) which can help deliver better quality results.
Leigh Williamson, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Clifford Lau, Worklight Technical Sales Specialist, IBM
2:30pm - 2:40pmTransition
2:40pm - 3:35pmMaster Class: An Introduction to Python Obscura (Sutter Annex)
If you've recently taken up Python, your code probably looks a lot like whatever language you were writing in previously. This is one of the great things about Python: it has the flexibility to allow a variety of idioms from other languages. However, Python has a number of obscure features you can start incorporating into your code to make it distinctly pythonic. Learn about some useful (and not-so-useful) Python tricks including generators, list comprehensions, decorators, and the bizarre dark magic of metaclasses and introspection.
Christian Fernandez, Co-founder, Hackbright
3:35pm - 3:45pmTransition
3:45pm - 4:40pmMaster Class: Advanced Techniques in Javascript (Sutter Annex)
As modern web apps become more complex, UI and application logic become increasingly split between client and server. This leads to poor page-load performance, lack of SEO, and duplication of code in different languages. In this workshop we'll explore how to write Isomorphic JavaScript -- JavaScript that can run in both the browser and on the server. Spike will introduce you to isomorphic JavaScript concepts and then we'll dive into building a web app that run everywhere, using tools like Node.js, Backbone, and Rendr.
Spike Brehm, Software Engineer, Airbnb
5:30pm - 7:00pmOpening Reception (Sutter Room)
Music provided by DJ Dojah

Wednesday, November 13th

8:30am - 9:30amContinental Breakfast (Grand Ballroom)
9:30am - 10:25amPublic unveiling of the "Hour of Code", tutorials for children with Mark Zuckerberg and Angry Birds (Sutter Annex)
This class will walk attendees through basic coding tutorials that were designed to engage students of all ages. The goal of this class is to give attendees the tools to prepare our children to participate in the 21st century as technology creators, not just users.
Ali Partovi & Hadi Partovi,
10:25am - 10:35amTransition
10:35am - 11:30amMaster Class: Haskell (Sutter Annex)
Nearly everyone who learns Haskell seems to turn into a raving Haskell fan. They say things like “I can write 80% less code and still get native multicore performance” and “I can easily understand code I wrote two years ago” and “my programs often work the first time they compile" and “now when I have to use Java, I feel like I’m being punished.” What makes Haskell so productive, fast, maintainable, and bug-free? And can you learn it without your head exploding? In this talk Aaron, a raving fan himself, will walk you through the basics of Haskell. You’ll see how to use interactive Haskell tools to become productive and learn quickly. By the end of the talk you will know what Haskell’s about AND you’ll be ready to use free online Haskell resources to easily learn more.
Aaron Contorer, CEO, FP Complete Corp.
11:30am - 11:40amTransition
11:40am - 12:35pmMaster Class: State, Statelessness and Scale (Sutter Annex)
Remember when “enterprise scale” was big and scaling up your box could meet the demands? Today’s big data challenges dwarf those scenarios of days past and require distributed systems with massive numbers of loosely coupled but coordinated nodes. Through concrete examples on the Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service system, we will examine application architectures that support massive scale out for big data.
Cornelia Davis, Lead Technologist, Community Engineering, Cloud Foundry, Pivotal
12:35pm - 1:35pmLunch hosted by New Relic (3rd Floor - Candidate Room, Main Level - Grand Ballroom, Lower Level - Sutter Room)
1:35pm - 2:30pmMaster Class: Concepts from Angular (Sutter Annex)
Whether you're new to Angular or you've built your first several apps, you're probably struggling with mapping out its foundational concepts. Join Ari Lerner, author of ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular.js, for a birds-eye view of the unchanging elements beneath this rapidly-evolving framework.
Ari Lerner, Co-Founder,
2:30pm - 2:40pmTransition
2:40pm - 3:35pmMaster Class: Agile, API-Centric PHP Development (Sutter Annex)
Connected Web Apps and Native Mobile apps are the fastest growing market segments in the software development world, and building an agile back-end that can support growth and change is crucial for the success of your applications and your business. In this address, Zend’s Joe Stagner will share his insights into professional, API Centric PHP development tools and processes and show you way’s that Zend enhancing the art of PHP.
Joe Stagner, Director of Developer Strategy, Zend Technologies
3:35pm - 3:45pmTransition
3:45pm - 4:40pmMaster class: Refactoring Your App in iOS 7 (Sutter Annex)
For iOS engineers, it can be a challenge to update apps to work with iOS 7 - without compromising the design and experience that users grew to love. Join Michael Vitrano, Lead iOS Engineer at Aviary, as he gives an in-depth look at how Aviary successfully rebuilt its app for iOS 7 in a way that is native to the new OS and preparing it for future growth. He'll also share some of the creative solutions that powered Aviary's redesign and offer suggestions on how to build a more modular, reusable code.
Michael Vitrano, Software Engineer, Aviary
5:00pm - 5:20pmMakeathon Demos (The Lodge - 3rd Floor)
5:20pm - 5:25pmClosing Remarks (The Lodge - 3rd Floor)
Jolie O'Dell, Writer, VentureBeat

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