DevBeat’s four pillars — code, security, hardware, and career development — will be explored in great detail in two content tracks. Whether you want hands-on workshops or lean-back learning (or both), we’ll have great minds to guide you.

You can choose to attend one track during your time at DevBeat, but we actually recommend hopping back and forth between the main stage, Master Classes, and hackathons to get the most out of your experience at the conference.

Track One: Main Stage

On the main stage, you’ll see presentations from and participate in live Ask Me Anything sessions with modern hacker-heroes. Our lineup includes household names known for their independent work as well as leaders from the most interesting technology companies in the world.

There will be no fireside chats and no panels, no fluff, no filler, and no one without a technical background. While this is a more lean-back track, the things you hear onstage will still be hugely useful to you in your daily work.

Main stage talks will cover four main areas:

  • Developer-first security
  • Hardware hacking and design
  • Career development: manager, exec, founder, or senior engineer
  • Code: learning new skills and improving the ones you have

Track Two: Master Classes

Our track of Master Classes will give you the opportunity to get your hands dirty with a new technology. Pick one or attend all four — just make sure you pre-register only for the sessions you plan to attend. Each session will include one hour of classroom time on Day One and a second hour of classroom time on Day Two; during those hours, you’ll learn the basics of a new language or technology and get to explore how it can be applied in your current day-to-day or a new project.

Master Classes will cover:

  • Scala
  • Python
  • Erlang
  • Node.js

Space and materials for the Master Classes are limited, so buy your tickets and register early.

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