Tuesday, October 29th

8:00am - 9:10amRegistration hosted by Lifestreet Media & Continental Breakfast hosted by Storm8 (Lobby & Ballroom Foyer)
9:10am - 9:20amGeneral Opening Remarks (Grand Ballroom)
Dean Takahashi, Lead GamesBeat Writer, VentureBeat
Dan Hsu, GamesBeat Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat
9:20am - 9:50amOpening Fireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Disrupting the Traditional Game Cycle
Oculus VR is gaining momentum in its bid to introduce a new generation of virtual reality for gamers. With millions in backing and thousands of Kickstarter fans, the company is gaining credibility as an alternative platform to the consoles. Brendan Iribe, chief executive, will open the conference with a fireside chat and a demo of the Oculus Rift.
Brendan Iribe, CEO, Oculus VR
Dean Takahashi, Lead GamesBeat Writer, VentureBeat
9:50am - 10:10amOpening Keynote (Grand Ballroom)
The Democratization of Gaming: The Evolution of the Online Game
From the rise of e-sports, livecasting and player-initiated marketing, to the growing importance of global communities, player-driven economies and next-generation gaming, today’s online gaming ecosystem is evolving and putting players in the driver’s seat to game development. Sony Online Entertainment President, John Smedley, sits down with Geoff Keighley for an in-depth, open conversation about the future of gaming, next-gen game design and the necessity of a new breed of MMOs.
John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment
Geoff Keighley, host of GTTV show, Spike TV
10:10am - 10:40amPanel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Panel discussion: Are you hot or not?
Why are some game-app developers hot, while others are lost in obscurity? Find out how the most successful teams are getting spotlights on their games and who they're turning to for help. Also, learn what triple-A developers are looking for in their partners, so you can take advantage.
Maria Alegre, CEO, Chartboost
Jude Gomila, Co-Founder, Heyzap
Zach Phillips, VP of Publisher Development, PlayHaven,
Kristian Segerstrale, Co-Founder, Initial Capital & Supercell board member
Susan Choe, Managing Director, Visionnaire Ventures
10:40am - 11:10amPanel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
The Next Billion Dollar Game Investment Opportunity
Key investors and analysts discuss the disruptive force of the current Battle Royal. So far this year, we've seen a rise in acquisitions with more than $4.8 billion in acquisition value, compared to $4 billion for all of last year. But what does this really mean? Where is the sweet spot for game investment? How does the global nature of our business change the landscape for developers, investors and game consumers? Speed, quality and consumer engagement dictate success in all facets of our business. Can we predict success? Do we have notions around the next great thing? Can we help each other get to the golden ring? And a look forward speeds the current. This discussion gets to the heart of where we all want to go.
Tim Merel, Managing Director, Digi-Capital
Sunny Dhillon, Partner, Signia Ventures
Raymond Yang, Founding partner & Managing Director, WestSummit Capital Management
Lars Buttler, Managing Director, Madison Sandhill Capital
Martin Rae, President, AIAS
11:10am - 11:25amMorning Coffee Break (Ballroom Foyer)
11:25am - 11:45amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Intuition vs. Analytics
What's the best way to design a game? How does a creative person take consumer feedback into account? What does analytics bring to the creative process? What are its limits?
Mark Robinson, COO, GamesAnalytics
Greg Richardson, CEO, Rumble
Margaret Wallace, CEO, Playmatics
11:45am - 12:05pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Asia’s Growing Influence on the US Games Industry
The games market is undergoing a massive change as platforms continue to converge, and the free-to-play business model is gaining momentum in the West. Yet Nexon – the global company that pioneered F2P over 15 years ago, which generated more than $1.3 billion in revenues and operating margins of over 40 percent in 2012 – has become a quiet giant, but it isn’t well known in the U.S. Nexon CFO Owen Mahoney will discuss the new realities of the U.S. gaming industry, strategies to succeed in the West and how Nexon plans to disrupt the console status quo.
Owen Mahoney, Chief Financial Officer, Nexon
Ian Sherr, Reporter, Wall Street Journal
12:05am - 1:20pmPower Lunches (Blue & Veranda Rooms)
During Tuesday's lunch break, we will be hosting a series of small, intimate discussions around key topics in the gaming industry. Roundtable Topics
-Predicting Future Spend and Churn for Mobile Games using Data Science hosted by Farlan Dowell, GM, Worldwide Games Business, Kontagent & John Peterson, Head of Data Science Innovation, Kontagent
-Challenges of moving from consoles to mobile gaming hosted by Deepika Bajaj, Business Development, Mobile Platforms, Digital Distribution, Mobile & PC Games, Strategy, Capcom
-Gaming Media - Challenges of getting coverage in today's market place hosted by Dan “Shoe” Hsu, Editor in Chief, GamesBeat
-User-generated content hosted by Jason Wilson, Editor, VentureBeat
-Improving player retention with rewards hosted by Jason Seldon, CEO, P4RC
-Virtual Reality hosted by Yobie Benjamin, CTO, Avegant
-Cloud Gaming's future hosted by Chris Donahue, VP Marketing & Publisher Relations, CiiNOW
-Education and games: Learning is fun hosted by Christina Farr, Writer, VentureBeat & Meghan Kelly, Writer, VentureBeat
-Are Oculus and Google Glass closely related, or distant cousins? hosted by Shawn Hardin, Founder & CEO, Mind Pirate
1:20pm - 1:40pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
The Feeling-Focused Team
In this fireside chat with game designer, producer and Funomena co-founder Robin Hunicke, we'll be discussing what it takes to build genuine, successful, feeling-first games. Using examples drawn from her experience as Executive Producer of the award-winning downloadable hit Journey, Robin will illustrate how focusing on the feeling can inform game design, strengthen team culture, and help them connect with new audiences.
Robin Hunicke, Co-Founder, Funomena
Christina Farr, Writer, VentureBeat
1:40pm - 2:00pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Capture Brand Dollars and Capitalize on the Mobile Advertising Bonanza
There is an increased demand for advanced user experiences within apps, and the industry needs to adopt a model that will drive revenue and engagement together. Steve Wadsworth and Michael Metzger will discuss opportunities to drive value and revenue for app publishers, including effective user acquisition, superior engagement experiences, and app monetization.
Steve Wadsworth, CEO, Tapjoy
Michael Metzger, Principal, Covert & Co.
2:00pm - 2:20pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Why the White House is interested in games
Mark DeLoura advises the White House on video games. Huh? We'll find out more in a fireside chat. The topics we'll cover include the administration's interest in games and apps for education, health and fitness, second-language learning, and crowdsourced citizen science. We’ll talk about how federal agencies are using games and game technologies, and the challenges and opportunities in developing games for impact. Why are analytics important for learning games, and why does coding literacy matter? How can you get involved? We’ll also touch on the state of game-related research, including the state of neuroscience investigations and – this may not surprise you – violent media discussions.
Mark DeLoura, Senior Advisor for Digital Media, The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Dean Takahashi, Lead GamesBeat Writer, VentureBeat
2:20pm - 2:30pmTransition to Breakout Rooms (4)
2:30pm - 3:20pmBreakout Sessions
1. The Rise of eSports (Grand Salon - downstairs)
What's the hottest sports ticket in Los Angeles right now? If you guessed the Lakers or the Dodgers, you'd be wrong! The season finals for League of Legends recently sold out the Staples center in under an hour. This massive event is the tip of the iceberg.
Wim Stocks, EVP at Virgin Gaming
Mark Donovan, President, Xfire
Caleb Fox, Head of eSports, Wargaming America
Mike Sepso, Co-founder & President, Major League Gaming
Brock Pierce, Managing Director, Clearstone Global Gaming Fund
2. Creating Mobile Ad Experiences that Don’t Suck (hosted by NativeX) (Salon 1 - upstairs)
Terrible advertising in mobile is the standard. How many interrupting pop-ups, unreadable banner ads, or accidental close-clicks have you experienced? As long as there is free-to-play in gaming, in-app advertisements will exist. Before you groan, boo, or hiss, think about this; 95% of players will never make an in-app purchase. Instead of just writing ads off as a necessary evil and spamming users with push notifications, what happens when developers approach advertising with the same level of precision and design as their game's UX. During this session we'll answer that question, learn how to increase ad revenue without hurting the UX, and look to where we might be heading in the future.
Trip Hawkins, Founder, Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate
Vatsal Bhardwaj, General Manager, Storm8
Michal Pilawski, VP of Mobile Product Management, NativeX
David Kim, CEO, Animoca
Vijay Chattha, President, VSC Consulting
3. HTML5 and the Future of Mobile Gaming (Salon 2 - upstairs)
The mobile industry has been buzzing with HTML5 for a few years now, but has been hampered by the supporting technologies, OS and silicon. However, new developments on many fronts have started to make HTML5 more attractive, and the future is showing that this technology has a bright future. Join us as we discuss how HTML5 will be the future for multi-platforms; web, mobile, TV and the connected automobile. We've gathered the tools, platform, silicon and developer leaders in this space for a lively discussion on the future of gaming.
Marcus Kruger, Chairman, Goo Technologies
Iker Jamardo Zugaza, Vice President of Engineering, Ludei
Neil Trevett, Vice President, NVIDIA
Greg Ovalle, CEO, Stealth
4. Women in Games and Entertainment - Why it Just Makes Sense (Salon 3 - upstairs)
What are the concrete benefits of diversity on creative teams? Why is it better for your business to include women at every level of decision making? What kinds of challenges can organizations overcome simply by being more open to the women they've already hired? This fireside chat will explore the notion of gender diversity as an essential part of building globally viable businesses, games and entertainment property.
Caryl Shaw, Executive Producer, Kixeye, Mobile
Anna Kipnis, Senior Gameplay Programmer, DoubleFine
Chelsea Howe, Senior Game Designer, Tiny Co
Robin Hunicke, Co-Founder, Funomena
3:20pm - 3:40pmAfternoon Coffee Break (Ballroom Foyer)
3:40pm - 4:05pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
The Changing Face of Games and Gamers
From the White House to your house, games, gamers, and game platforms are evolving and changing. Dean Takahashi sits down with the Entertainment Software Association’s CEO, Michael Gallagher, in candid and casual conversation about new industry opportunities and the challenges that remain.
Mike Gallagher, President, Entertainment Software Association
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
4:05pm - 4:35pmPanel (Grand Ballroom)
Social Casino Games Move to the Main Stage
Social casino games have become a hot gaming market in the past couple of years, but some of the froth is gone and big acquisitions have brought major players into the space. What will happen next? Was it a fad, or will it keep on gaining market share on other kinds of games? What's the best way to make money, and what will happen when real-money gambling arrives in the U.S.? We've assembled a panel of seers who are making big bets in this market to give your the answers.
Chris Griffin, CEO, Betable
Ken Murphy, VP of Studios, GameHouse
Paul Thelen, CEO, Big Fish Games
Vicens Marti, CEO, Akamon
Alex Kelly, CEO, Playsino
4:35pm - 5:00pmThree-way Fireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
View from the balcony: What’s hot or not? Trends and predictions
Tim Chang and Bing Gordon have been among the most visible investors in disruptive game companies. They have co-invested in companies such as Ngmoco and Ouya. Gaming runs deep in their blood, as Gordon was at Electronic Arts for 25 years and he was a major early investor in Zynga. Chang has invested in companies like Playdom and Lumosity. Chang is looking closely at gamification, or applying game mechanics to non-game applications in fields such as health. Gordon is also looking at the lessons from traditional games and the new territory of social and mobile. We'll ask them what they think is hot or not in games, and their predictions for its future.
Tim Chang, Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
Bing Gordon, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat Lead Writer, VentureBeat
5:00pm - 5:20pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Signs of Maturity in Mobile Gaming
5+ years after its launch, the app store has become a rational place to build a gaming business. One sign of maturity? Market leaders like Rovio rely on traditional marketing strategies and multi-million dollar budgets to build long term franchises. There are still plenty of opportunities for indie game developers to make it big, but they now need to be smarter marketers and business strategists to compete to win. Simon Khalaf will discuss signs of maturity in mobile gaming, look at what the big mobile franchises have done right, and pinpoint what small developers can learn from the Rovios and Imangis of the world when it comes to marketing for long term success even without a studio-sized budget.
Simon Khalaf, CEO, Flurry
Dan “Shoe” Hsu, Editor-in-Chief, GamesBeat
5:20pm - 5:25pmClosing Remarks (Grand Ballroom)
Dean Takahashi, Lead GamesBeat Writer, VentureBeat
5:25pm - 7:00pmOpening Reception hosted by GameHouse (Lower Bay Bar)

Wednesday, October 30th

8:00am - 9:00amRegistration hosted by Lifestreet Media & Continental Breakfast (Lobby & Ballroom Foyer)
9:00am - 9:05amOpening Remarks (Grand Ballroom)
Dean Takahashi, Lead GamesBeat Writer, VentureBeat
9:05am - 9:35amFIreside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Windows 8: Window into obscurity or window of opportunity
It's hard to believe at this stage that we could see disruption in the tablet wars. But if anyone's got a chance, it's Microsoft. The company that has the No. 1 gaming system in the world is aiming to take its dominant position in games to tablets and phones in addition to the living room. In this fireside chat, Arkadium's CEO Kenny Rosenblatt and Zen Studios' Neil Sorens will discuss why Windows 8 may be the next frontier in gaming and the hurdles that Microsoft will need to overcome to make that happen.
Kenny Rosenblatt, CEO, Arkadium
Neil Sorens, Creative Director, Zen Studios
Ari Levy, Technology Editor, Bloomberg News
9:35am - 9:55amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Is mobile vs console the right question?
Is our thinking about mobile versus console right? Is it inevitable that mobile wins? Will the free-to-play business model swallow all of gaming? John Riccitiello, an active investor in the game business and former CEO of Electronic arts, will help parse the modern game business.
John Riccitiello, Game Investor & former CEO, Electronic Arts
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
9:55am - 10:15amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Facebook's evolving role in the game ecosystem
We discuss the current state of gaming on Facebook and mobile. Sean will address the role Facebook plays in the mobile and desktop gaming ecosystem today, including where the next big hits will come from, how developers can engage with Facebook on mobile and the web, and an update on Facebook Platform and the mobile publishing business.
Sean Ryan, Head of Game Partnerships, Facebook
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
10:15am - 10:45amMorning Coffee Break & Quick Connect Networking Activity (Ballroom Foyer & Salon 1)
10:45am - 11:05amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Driving Game Value with Actionable Insights
As the progression of video game design continues to move forward, the gaming audience has also seen substantial changes in expansion and variation in players. Our interviewer, Will Wright, sits down with Wargaming’s CEO, Victor Kislyi, in an honest and upfront conversation about utilizing player and community feedback, with actionable insights, for the ultimate in-game experience.
Victor Kislyi, CEO, Wargaming
Will Wright, Creator, The Sims & SimCity
11:05am - 11:25amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Flipping the console publishing model
Until very recently, it was independent game developers that had to pursue publishers and consoles, but recent advancements in technology, and more "open" publishing policies have enabled ideas to get funded, built, distributed, discovered, and monetized much quicker and more effectively than ever before – helping to create the next generation of industry giants. The next big battle among consoles and publishers won't be for established franchises like Halo, it will be for small, scrappy startup studios with fresh designs and energy. Shoe sits down with OUYA’s founder and CEO, Julie Uhrman, in a candid and casual conversation about how this change is affecting the industry, and what comes next.
Julie Uhrman, CEO, OUYA
Dan "Shoe" Hsu, Editor-in-Chief, GamesBeat
11:25am - 11:35amTransition to Breakout Rooms
11:35am - 12:20pmBreakout Sessions
1. How to Make the Next Billion-Dollar Mobile Game in Asia (hosted by RenRen Games) (Grand Salon - Downstairs)
This panel will have key companies from Japan, China, and South Korea offering their observations about creating the next big game.Western developers can learn how to partner with key local players in Asia.
Kyu Lee, President, Gamevil USA
John Goodale, VP of Asia, Unity Technologies
Hans Kim, VP of Business Development & Legal, RenRen Games
Noby Ota, CEO, Klab America
Tim Merel, Managing Director, Digi-Capital
2. How to Monetize: Offsetting the Cost of User Acquisition with Deeper Engagement (hosted by Tapjoy) (Salon 1 - upstairs)
In the free-to-play world, growing a large audience for your game is only half the battle. How you monetize those users and provide them with deep engagement opportunities is where the rubber meets the road and determines what apps stand out from the crowd. During this session, we'll discuss the challenges, opportunities and best practices for monetizing your apps and take a look at what's next for the free-to-play model.
Christine Tao, SVP of Developer Relations, Tapjoy
Michael Oiknine, CEO, Apsalar
Keela Robison, Vice President, GameHouse
Hugh Reynolds, CEO, Swrve
Cliff Edwards, Writer, Bloomberg Businessweek
3. The Rise of Big Indie Game Studios (Salon 2 - upstairs)
Indie game studios have come into their own in the age of apps. Self-publishing and new platforms are giving them options they never had before, and some successful studios are becoming big players. What's next in the evolution of the big indie?
John Graham, COO, Humble Bundle
Matthew Hannus, CEO, Sleepy Giant Entertainment, Inc.,
Steven Allison, SVP of Publishing, Telltale Games
Craig Allen, CEO, Spark Unlimited
Steve Peterson, Writer,
4. The Revolution will be Streamed: How Video is Transforming Video Gaming (hosted by Twitch) (Salon 3 - upstairs)
Online video is having a profound impact on each and every corner of the video game industry. Gameplay is no longer just an entertainment experience to be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends. Because of the rise of video platforms that cater to gaming content, the gameplay itself has become a major source of content in a very large video entertainment ecosystem. That has profound implications for next-gen consoles, game design, game marketing, PR, business development and beyond. This panel brings together leaders from a wide swath of the video game industry for a detailed discussion on the state of online video in the video game industry.
Matt DiPietro, VP of Marketing & Communications, Twitch
Sean "Day[9] Plott, Gaming personality and Broadcaster
Todd Harris, Co-founder & COO, Hi-Rez Studios
Chris Early, Head of Digital Publishing, Ubisoft
Alex Wilhelm, Writer, Techcrunch
5. Emerging Game Technologies (Salon 4 - upstairs)
What are the frontiers of games? What cool tech is coming down the road? How will these best get into the market and get the attention gamers?
Sandy Duncan, CEO, YoYo Games
Jan Goetgeluk, CEO, Virtuix
Todd Arnold, VP of Games, Tango
Mark Palatucci, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Anki
Martine Paris, U.S. Events Editor, Pocket Gamer
12:20pm - 1:40pmLunch (Blue & Veranda Room)
1:40pm - 2:35pmWho's Got Game Innovation Showdown (Grand Ballroom)
Six to eight companies present will present on stage in five-minute sessions. Our three judges and moderator will listen and decide who has the best pitch. Our all-star panel will ask questions and offer comments. Companies presenting...
Goblinworks, Kazap Corp., oMobio, Inc,, Pixelberry Studios, Playground Sessions, RivalMe, ZowPow
Michael Chang, Managing Director, Mavent Partners
Fernando Pizarro, US General Manager, Papaya Mobile
Mitchell Weisman, CEO, Lifestreet Media
Ann Burkett, Founder, HTML5 Dev Conference
Eric Goldberg, Managing Director, Crossover Technologies
Dan “Shoe” Hsu, Editor in Chief, GamesBeat
2:35pm - 2:55pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
The Evolutionary Role of the Video Game Retailer
During this fireside chat Tony will speak to the changing face of retail leading up to this year’s console launches and the growing demand for downloadable content. He will touch on the evolutionary role of the video game retailer. No longer just a bricks and mortar repository for purchasing games off the shelf now retailers like GameStop must play more of a hybrid role when it comes to meeting the ever-changing demands of the industry. Tony will also address the opportunities that come with harnessing a multi-channel approach (mobile, digital,) to the distribution of gaming content as well as the associated challenges.
Tony Bartel, President, GameStop
Adam Sessler, Gaming Host, Revision 3
2:55pm - 3:10pmAfternoon Coffee Break (Ballroom Foyer)
3:10pm - 3:30pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Industry Darwinism: Growth Depends on Rapid Deployment on New Platforms
How do you determine when to migrate to a new platform? What resources do you need to make the transition? Why is it so difficult? Kabam started on Facebook, transitioned to the Web and accelerated to mobile in less than two years. Co-founder and CEO Kevin Chou will discuss with Wired's Chris Kohler how Kabam managed the people, product and process to prosperity.
Kevin Chou, CEO, Kabam
Chris Kohler, Editor, Wired Game Life
3:30pm - 3:50pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
The Future of Gaming Technology
When the new generation of video game consoles arrive this holiday season, they won't be alone. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will compete with a new wave of personal computers touting virtual reality and motion control. Just over the horizon lies the SteamBox and the potential of Linux as a game platform, while cloud gaming suggests that gamers might eventually not need a box at all. VR? AR? 4K? 3D? We'll sit down with industry insiders Mark Rein and Tony Tamasi to try to predict which technologies will make waves this generation and which will fade away.
Mark Rein, Vice President, Epic Games
Tony Tamasi, SVP, Content & Technology, Nvidia
Sean Hollister, Senior Editor, The Verge
3:50pm - 4:10pmPanel (Grand Ballroom)
The New Age of Games Rewards
We talk with some of the pioneers of giving rewards to gamers and what the future holds.
Andrew Pascal, CEO, Playstudios
Courtney Guertin, Co-Founder, Kiip
Terry Angelos, Co-Founder, TrialPay
Chethan Ramachandran, CEO, Playnomics
4:10pm - 4:30pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Making a Big Bet on a Global Game
Gabe Leydon's Machine Zone was a solid mobile indie game publisher on mobile, but it made a big bet that has paid off. Leydon raised venture capital funding and set a huge team of 80 people to work on a single game. They toiled on Game of War: Fire Age, for 19 months. They built a mobile messaging platform, created a translation engine so players could team up across territories, and created an extensive fantasy strategy game. Leydon will talk about how they pulled it off and what the results are.
Gabe Leydon, CEO, Machine Zone
Chris Kohler, Editor, Wired Game Life
4:30pm - 4:35pmClosing Remarks & Innovation Showdown Winners Announced (Grand Ballroom)
Dean Takahashi, Lead GamesBeat writer, VentureBeat
Dan Hsu, GamesBeat Writer, VentureBeat
4:35pm - 5:30pmHosted Closing Reception (Veranda & Blue Room)

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