Back for its fifth year, the Who’s Got Game Innovation Showdown will spotlight seven companies — from young startups to more established players — with the freshest ideas and most disruptive technologies in gaming.

Each company will have four minutes to showcase their product/service live on day two of GamesBeat in front of 500 plus industry execs, investors, and press.

The seven finalists, chosen from a pool of 100, are below.

UPDATE: Read about the winner here!

Goblin Works logoGoblinworks – Goblinworks is a spin-out from Paizo Publishing. The group is building a next-generation fantasy-sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO) leveraging Paizo’s Pathfinder intellectual property. Goblinworks is innovating a new approach to MMO development, slashing costs by 10 times and accelerating the pace of development by three times.

Kazap Elements Club LogoKazap Corp. — Kazap is a transmedia production studio focused on developing immersive digital brands with stories that arc across e-books, video games, mobile, and on-demand video platforms. The company is working on The Elements Club, the world’s first transmedia romance series. Set in Victorian London from 1892 to 1897, The Elements Club follows the lives of various individuals as they each unlock the power of love and fortune.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 3.24.53 PMoMobio, Inc. — oMobio is launching its new mobile game, A Vision Quest, where you use your phone’s camera to solve platformer-style levels. The developer of Dropbox’s Android app and Smule’s Magic Piano for Android founded the company, and it’s creating new ways to use your phone to engage with the world around you.

Pixelberry Studios logoPixelberry Studios — Pixelberry Studios aims to change how people play and learn. Its team loves making games, and having the chance to make a difference in the world just gives the company even more passion for its work.

Playground Sessions logoPlayground Sessions — Playground Sessions is a new application that teaches piano and music theory using popular songs, gaming elements, and social connectivity. Adaptable for all skill levels, Playground Sessions features songs from artists like The Beatles and Beyoncé while including gaming elements such as scores, leaderboards, and badges. Music mogul Quincy Jones participated in the software’s development as well.

RivalMe logoRivalMe — RivalMe is a personalized social-mobile trivia platform. With innovative social graph integration, RivalMe asks engaging questions about topics players like — from entertainment to travel to academics. Its flagship social-mobile game launches Nov. 2013. RivalMe’s white label clients include sports, media, and education brands and personalities like UCLA and Shaquille O’Neal.

ZowPow_logoZowPow — ZowPow makes wireless Bluetooth-low-energy game controllers for iOS and Android — think “Wii controller” for mobile. The controllers are in the shape of plush toys that look like characters. Developers use ZowPow’s platform to extend their titles into the real world, creating an active and social play experience for their users.


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