Innovation Competition

Always a program highlight, the “Innovation Competition” will uncover 15 of the hottest new mobile companies as they pitch their products/services live onstage in front of an expert panel of judges and over 1000 attendees.

The finalists, chosen from a pool of over 250, will battle it out for our coveted Tesla Award (named in honor of Nikola Tesla, the scientist who discovered early mobile communication) VentureBeat coverage, and a bunch of other cool prizes.

The competition is broken down into three categories this year: Tablet apps, smartphone apps, and mobile services. Here are the finalists:

iTravel: An online tour operator that provides high-quality customized vacations. Customers can access a wide range of travel options through intuitive user interfaces and book them.

Nukotoys: Silicon Valley’s Toy Company disrupts the $40 billion-plus toy market, redefining toys and games for digitally fascinated kids and engaged parents. It offers NUKO, collectible trading cards that come to life when tapped to mobile and tablet devices, which merge digital and real-world play.

Tablet X: Stealth, more information to come live at MobileBeat 2012.

Watchup: A new iPad app that lets you discover what’s up in the world through a curated lineup of high-quality news channels. With its next-generation tap-and-play interface, Watchup lets you create your video playlist in a snap while you grab breakfast or prepare dinner. Watchup has been incubated at StartX, the Stanford startup accelerator.

Spectralmind: Sonarflow by Spectralmind makes music discovery a breeze. Its unique music-matching engine and its slick visual interface make finding the right music for the right moment easy as never before.

Fluid interaction: We are passionate about building brain-friendly solutions. We understand and incorporate in our work the underlying mechanisms of human cognition: how humans perceive and process information, and how we interact with the environment. We seek to build functional beauty in digital solutions, like with Twheel, our upcoming Twitter application.

Mobileday: Provides one-touch into any conference call using your iPhone or Android. Painlessly connect to your audio meeting no matter where you are or what you are doing. MobileDay eliminates the hassle of dialing, remembering pin codes, or writing down conference details.

Selligy: A mobile service for salespeople. A salesperson’s primary activity is meetings, hundreds per quarter. Good meeting prep requires dealing with many systems beyond CRM: e-mail, phone, calendar, maps, traffic and more. Selligy ties all the information a salesperson needs into a beautiful mobile experience.

Glomper: Stealth, more information to come live at MobileBeat 2012.

The Good Ear: Develops and provides innovative, scientifically proven hearing solutions. The company will be launching its “Better Hearing” iPhone app, which identifies the struggling frequency areas of the ear and applies sound conditioning to strengthen these weak zones.

Retailigence: A hyperlocal marketing platform that utilizes brick-and-mortar inventory data obtained directly from retailers to turn online consumers into offline buyers. Serving both retailers and brands, Retailigence distributes local store inventory-based advertising via its own network of location-based application partners, mobile ad networks, search providers and social networks.

Placed: Placed Analytics quantifies the value of location for mobile content creators and marketers by connecting the physical and digital worlds through a free location analytics service. Has delivered over 5 billion push notifications exclusively for the world’s leading media companies. Now, the company is unveiling its suite of professional-grade tools so app publishers everywhere can deliver smartly tailored, real-time content to their users.

Adcolony: A video advertising and publishing platform that plays crystal-clear HD video at lightning speed and drives deep engagement with content. AdColony’s proprietary Instant-Play technology serves video ads instantly on top-ranked iOS and Android apps to drive awareness and branding for advertisers and monetization for publishers.

Zooz: Has developed a unique payment platform that enables a quick and easy way to checkout and pay on mobile devices. Using the multiplatform ZooZ SDK, mobile developers can easily integrate secure in-app payments with only a few lines of code. After integration, app users are offered a true mobile wallet that is fast, easy to use and secure.

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