Tuesday, July 9th

8:00am - 9:00amRegistration & Continental Breakfast (First Floor – Regency Foyer & Gold Ballroom)
9:00am - 9:10amOpening Remarks (Grand Ballroom)
Matt Marshall, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat
9:10am - 9:30amOpening Fireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Wearables & What's Next
In just a few years, Samsung went from a smartphone novice to a monetization machine. Hear how Samsung’s Chief Strategy Officer, Young Sohn, sees the future of mobile and the newest mobile trend, wearable technology.
Young Sohn, President & Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung
John China, Head of Relationship Management, Private Equity and Venture Capital Division, SVB
9:30am - 9:50amPanel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Wearables by Design
Smartphones paved the way for tablets to dominate media consumption and “m-shopping,” and this evolutionary diversification continues. New form factors have emerged and now matured to reclaim specific features from the all-converging phone, by blending in more naturally with our lifestyle. Bracelets, watches, heads-up displays and smart fabrics are now sharing the landscape with our phones to collect or display streams, from fitness to location to health signals data.
Jef Holove, CEO, Basis Point
Gary Clayton, Chief Creative Officer, Nuance
Redg Snodgrass, Founder, StainedGlass Labs
9:50am - 10:10amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Yelp on Mobile: From Discovery to Closing the Transaction Loop
Smartphones provide an ideal shopping personal assistant, allowing people to locate nearby stores, restaurants, and even browse products and reviews. In an era of content overload, consumers have come to value dynamic information, tailored to our immediate context and curated by communities we trust. Even free apps can deliver a great level of service when advertising is relevant and integrated into the overall experience. Yelp's CEO and Co-Founder will put on his Head of Product hat to explore how they designed their app to enable users to not only find and connect with local businesses -- but also to close the loop on local business transactions.
Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO & Co-Founder, Yelp
Devindra Hardawar, Lead Mobile Writer, VentureBeat
10:10am - 10:50amFireside Chat & Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Mobile Banking Re-Envisioned
Today’s banking and credit card companies have learned that consumers demand simple and widely-supported forms of payment. Building a system that can manage transactions in the billions on a daily basis is a tremendous challenge. Creating a system that merchants can tie into and deliver a satisfying mobile experience is even more difficult.
Deniz Güven, SVP Digital Channels, Garanti Bank
Joanna Lambert, SVP of Strategy and Business Innovation, American Express
Brian Pearce, SVP Mobile, Wells Fargo
Mark Curtis, Chief Client Officer, Fjord
10:50am - 11:05amMorning Coffee Break (Gold Ballroom)
11:05am - 11:35amFireside Chat & Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Exploring Two-Sided Market Places
Once thought impossible because of focus, two-sided market places are the most profitable businesses in Mobile today and are defining customer expectation in real estate, retail, ecommerce, and marketing. Come join the conversation about “the key” strategic focuses that separate the winners and the losers. (Hint: It’s all about love.)
Pete Flint, CEO, Trulia
Manish Chandra, Founder & CEO, Poshmark
Sam Shank, CEO, HotelTonight
Tim Chang, Partner, Mayfield Fund
11:35am - 11:55amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Processing Tomorrow's Mobile Experience
We all have an insatiable appetite for speed and connectivity that far outpaces Moore’s law. Giants like Qualcomm have to anticipate this, or have their products collect dust in the warehouses. Anand Chandrasekher will give us a snapshot of where these giants need to tread to satiate the demands of mobility.
Anand Chandrasekher, CMO, Qualcomm
Matthew Howard, Managing Partner, Norwest Venture Partners
11:55am - 12:25pmFireside Chat & Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Scale Is Beautiful, Implementation Is Key
No matter the application, speed is what you need. If your app lags at 1 million users, your business won’t make it to 1.5 million and will likely fail. Come for practical advice from CTOs who’ve beat back lag and scaled from a million users to more than 50 million.
Dave Engberg, CTO, Evernote
Edward Hieatt, COO, Pivotal Labs
Tom Conrad, CTO & EVP Product, Pandora
Jolie O’Dell, Writer, VentureBeat
12:25pm - 1:55pmLunch & Roundtable Discussions (Gold Ballroom/Ralston Room/Sunset Courtyard)
Roundtables in the Ralston Room
-How the Perfect Customer Experience is Designed on Mobile - Hosted by Josh Williams, President and Chief Science Officer, Kontagent
-Delighting the Mobile Traveler by Understanding Their Intent - Hosted by Phil Easter & Aleda Schaffer of American Airlines
-The Real Cost of Mobile User Acquisition - Hosted by Fernando Pizarro, NGM, Papaya Mobile
-App Discovery - Helping Consumers & Developers Find Their Way - Hosted by Brett Bauer, CEO and Co-founder of Powerslyde
-Building a Business on Mobile - Hosted by Deborah Magid, Director, Software Strategy, IBM Venture Capital Group & Ed Brill, Director, Enterprise Mobile Marketing, IBM MobileFirst
-The Mobile Acquisition Price War - Hosted by Paul Gelb, Head of Strategy, MoPub
-An 8 Billion Dollar a Year and Growing Opportunity for Brands and Publishers - Hosted by Jason Baptiste, CEO, OnSwipe
-The experience at the center of wearables and context hosted by Mikael Berner, CEO, EasilyDo
-The Mobile Interface is now the consumer hosted by Devindra Hardawar, Lead Mobile Writer, VentureBeat
-Phones, Toys, And the Future of Personal Robotics hosted by Dylan Tweney, Executive Editor, VentureBeat
1:55pm - 2:45pm(4) Breakout Sessions
Session 1 – Mobile Productivity: Working Smarter in Teams (Hosted By CloudOn) (Seacliff)
As mobile devices take over, teams are required to paradigm shift their ideas and implementations in order to be truly productive in a post-PC landscape. Come converse about how top leaders are enhancing team collaboration through new thinking and mobile productivity tools.
Martin Destagnol, Senior Technical Advisor, Box
Jason Shah, Product Manager, Yammer
John McGeachie, VP Sales, Evernote Business
Jay Zaveri, VP of Product, CloudOn
Session 2 – The Three C’s of Mobile Success: Customers, Content, Context! (Presidio)
Until recently, customers were limited to one simple digital context – butts in seats in front of monitors. Mobile has significantly changed this. The savvy mobile customer expects value, customization, and smart data aggregation for their loyalty. Delivering content in a contextually relevant manner is the foundation to mobile success. In this session, you’ll learn how brands are changing their approach to meet the contextual needs of their customers.
Dominik Von Jan, Director of Digital, Interbrand
Sarah Rotman Epps, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
Lee Clancy, VP, Consumer Products, Trulia
Erik Loehfelm, EVP of User Experience, Universal Mind
Session 3 – Beyond the Banner: The Future of Mobile Engagement (Pacific Heights)
Brands are continuing to look for higher engagement with their audience and banner blindness is beginning to hurt the efficacy of mobile’s traditional brand engagement, ie. banners. In this panel, we will visit the issues surrounding current ad units and shed some light on the next generation of engagement brands are searching for.
Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media & Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International
Anthony Toguchi, Manager, Global Brand Activation/Global Mobile Lead, Wyeth Nutrition
Rachel Youens, Head of Mobile, Forever21
Jon Nolz, VP and GM of Mobile Advertising Network, Hipcricket
Mark Silva, CEO, Ryse
Session 4 - Selling Mobile Services to SMEs (Marina)
The consumerization of IT is complete, and now CIOs and CMOs are buying SaaS based mobile products and services outside of typical procurement problems, and IT irritations. Come learn how these companies are selling into the enterprise space and doing it without a huge sales cycle.
Curtis Peterson, VP Operations, RingCentral
Sam Lawrence, Co-founder & CEO, Crushpath
Mikael Berner, CEO & Founder, Easilydo
2:45pm - 2:55pmRoom Transition for Second Set of Breakout Sessions
2:55pm - 3:45pm(4) Breakout Sessions (Second Floor Rooms)
Session 1 – Sensory Overload: Creating More Natural User Experiences (Hosted by Intel) (Seacliff)
Can we, as an industry, harness information in a way that transforms mobile devices from mere gadgets to a trusted advisor, loyal friend, and timely entertainer? The sensors of today, both hard and soft, are evolving to become this. How do we avoid ‘sensory overload,’ and plan now to harness these sensors to create natural end user experiences?
Dave Mathews, CEO & Founder, NewAer
Jef Holove, CEO, Basis Point
Tony Salvador, Director of Experience Insights Research, Interaction & Experience Research Lab, Intel
Mikael Berner, Founder & CEO, EasilyDo
Session 2 – Cashing in and Changing Lives with Behavior Design (Presidio)
At the heart of every great business is a shift in human behavior. This panel of experts on consumer psychology will discuss how to build mobile products that move us.
Dr. Steph Habif, Behavior Designer, Stanford
Michal Levin, Sr. User Experience Designer, Google
Jules Maltz, General Partner, Institutional Venture Partners
Nir Eyal, Behavior Engineer and Blogger, NirAndFar
Session 3 – Wisely Acquire Mobile App Customers (Hosted By HasOffers) (Pacific Heights)
Acquiring users remains the most complicated and frustrating mobile KPI. The cost of user acquisition continues to rise while the number of channels increase. Developers struggle for ways to stand out in the crowd while maximizing ROI by finding the most valuable users. This expert round table will discuss these challenges for developers and marketers and the various options to address them.
Joe Braidwood, CMO, Swiftkey
Tracy Sun, Co-Founder & VP of Merchandising, Poshmark
Adam Grenier, Director of Marketing, HotelTonight
Peter Hamilton, CEO, HasOffers
Session 4 - Data-Minded Decision Making (Marina)
Running a data-driven product in today's information overload is near impossible. Come learn from these companies where to begin and end at interpreting, implementing, and monetizing Big Data.
Marcos Sanchez, VP Global Corporate Communications, App Annie
Paul Gelb, Head of Strategy, MoPub
Tyler Bell, Director of Product, Factual
Tony Nethercutt, CRO, PlaceIQ
Redg Snodgrass, Founder, StainedGlass Labs
3:45pm - 4:00pmAfternoon Coffee Break & Transition to Grand Ballroom (Gold Ballroom)
4:00pm - 4:20pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Making the Rubber Meet the Road for the Internet of Things
Ford views the Internet of Things in two ways: inside the car and outside the car. Inside, a car becomes a smart, networked system that connects sound, visuals, and instruments to help the commuter be productive while driving. Outside, the car becomes part of a broader transportation network which might include subways, trains and planes. Vehicles are becoming smarter, but the infrastructure to support them is not there yet. Join Ford Motor Company’s Chief Technology Director, Vijay Sankaran, as he discusses how connectivity is starting to drive more intelligent cities with the evolution of new partnerships and relationships between public companies and the public and private sectors to really drive this initiative forward.
Vijay Sankaran, Chief Technology Director, Ford Motor Company
Dylan Tweney, Executive Editor, VentureBeat
4:20pm - 4:55pmFireside Chat & Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Brands and Agencies: Mobile Advertising Hell or Heaven?
Brands are looking at their current mobile spend and are beginning to realize that banner spend simply doesn’t add up. Users don’t engage with a thumbnail-sized text ad. Come see how Mondelēz and Carnival Labs turned mobile marketing into the first ever cash-flow positive marketing spend.
Bonin Bough, VP Global Media & Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International
Guy Horrocks, CEO & Founder, Carnival Labs
Brian Wong, Co-Founder & CEO, Kiip
Jeff Bernstein, EVP & Global Managing Partner, UMSF
Redg Snodgrass, Founder, StainedGlass Labs
4:55pm - 5:00pmClosing Remarks (Grand Ballroom)
5:00pm - 6:30pmOpening Night Reception (Ralston Room)

Wednesday, July 10th

8:00am - 9:00amRegistration & Continental Breakfast (First Floor Regency Foyer)
9:00am - 9:05amOpening Remarks (Grand Ballroom)
Matt Marshall, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat
9:05am - 9:20amOpening Fireside Chat & Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Future of Mobile Payments
Come learn about the challenges, and how PayPal and others are overcoming customer purchasing friction and defining the experience in the future of mobile payments.
James Barrese, CTO, PayPal
Rakesh Agrawal, Principal Analyst, reDesign Mobile
9:20am - 9:40amPanel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Future of Mobile Payments
John Collison, President & Co-Founder, Stripe
Aunkur Arya, GM of Mobile, Braintree
Ari Mir, CEO, Pocket Change
Christina Farr, Writer, VentureBeat
9:40am - 10:20amFireside Chat & Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
The State of the Apposphere
It is likely that in the year 2014 the world will cross the 2 billion connected devices threshold. Mobile devices and the apps built for them have radically changed the way we live, work and play. Significant sectors of everyday life have been forever augmented and there is not an industry left untouched by mobile. Eighty percent of consumers’ time on mobile devices is spent in apps, and more mobile devices are activated every day around the world than babies are born. Prashant Fuloria will share new insights gathered from app activity across more than 1 billion smartphones and tablets globally, and break down what is really happening on all those devices.
Prashant Fuloria, Chief Product Officer, Flurry
Josh Williams, President & Chief Science Officer, Kontagent
Jeff Drobick, Chief Product Officer, Tapjoy
Matt Gillis, EVP Global Product & Platform, Millennial Media
Devindra Hardawar, Lead Mobile Writer, VentureBeat
10:20am - 10:50amFireside Chat & Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Context: Mobile Experience Determines Whether You Live or Die
Understanding the context of any situation is key to survival in the natural world. Shazam has transformed an application that was focused on simply finding songs into a context machine — and it’s also helping brands connect with users in amazing ways. Come learn why context is the new hot commodity on mobile, and get feedback from other amazing industry experts.
Rich Riley, CEO, Shazam
Dane Glasgow, VP Mobile and Local, eBay
Brent Hieggelke, CMO, Urban Airship
Meghan Kelly, Writer, VentureBeat
10:50am - 11:05amMorning Coffee Break (Gold Ballroom)
11:05am - 11:25amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Generating Value in the Mobile Ecosystem
What matters as we measure value in the mobile ecosystem? It goes far beyond the app count. Opportunities await in strengthening engagement, providing compelling user experiences, improving app reliability and getting your users to take action. Tapjoy CPO Jeff Drobick will discuss finding the right mix of these ingredients, and the keys to creating value through your apps.
Jeff Drobick, Chief Product Officer, Tapjoy
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat, VentureBeat
11:25am - 11:35amFireside Chat
Mobile Advertising…7 Years Into the Game
No industry in the modern age has grown as fast as mobile, and in turn, no advertising medium has grown as quickly as mobile advertising. Brands have seen success in mobile for years, but strategies have needed to evolve as the medium has shifted from text messages to banner ads, to rich media and video ads. Paul Palmieri founded Millennial Media over 7 years ago and has witnessed this massive evolution first hand as his company competes daily with Silicon Valley giants like Google and Apple. Hear Paul speak on what he has learned over the years, and what this tells us about where mobile advertising is going in the future.
Paul Palmieri, CEO, Millennial Media
Devindra Hardawar, Lead Mobile Writer, VentureBeat
11:35am - 11:45amFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Beyond Advertising: The Future of Mobile
After founding and selling AdMob to Google and Maybe to LinkedIn, Omar recently joined Sequoia to help build the next generation of businesses. In his first public appearance as a VC, we'll get Omar's perspectives on the mobile ecosystem as he's interviewed by Rich Wong, one of mobile's strongest VCs and an AdMob investor.
Omar Hamoui, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Rich Wong, Partner, Accel Partners
11:45am - 12:00pmFireside Chat (Grand Ballroom)
Linking in Mobile Experience and User Enjoyment
LinkedIn is doubling down on mobile, from a recent redesign across all mobile properties and mobile focused acquisitions to strengthening engagement with a strong content focused play. Hear Deep Nishar, SVP of Product, talk about the strategic value of this mobile experience emphasis, and how professional content and user experience is keeping LinkedIn a dominant player.
Deep Nishar, SVP Products and UX, LinkedIn
Matt Marshall, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat
12:00pm - 12:30pmPanel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Mobile Second, "Experience First"
With everyone talking about building "mobile first" products, it can seem that anyone that started web is a guaranteed second rate mobile experience. Learn how these companies bucked that thought and built and took a best in class enterprise web product and made it mobile awesome.
Milind Gadekar, CEO & Founder, CloudOn
Sam Lawrence, CEO, CrushPath
Mikkel Svane, CEO, Zendesk
Alex Bard, SVP & GM, Salesforce
Rich Wong, Partner, Accel Partners
12:30pm - 2:00pmLunch (Gold Ballroom & Ralston Room)
12:45pm - 1:45pmLunch Discussion & Meet and Greet (Second floor - Seacliff Room)
Future of Mobile Investments Meet and Greet
Grab lunch and join us for a discussion on the future of mobile investments with some of the bay area's top mobile investors followed by an informal meet and greet with fellow entrepreneurs.
Charles Hudson, Managing Partner, SoftTech VC
Rich Wong, Partner, Accel Partners
Mike Abbott, General Partner, KPCB
Matt Marshall, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat
2:00pm - 2:50pm(4) Breakout Sessions (Second Floor Rooms)
Session 1 – Performance: Scalability, Security, Monitoring (Hosted by New Relic) (Seacliff)
Even more so than on the web, performance on mobile is key to a great experience. From reliability to security to efficient monitoring, the great tools and a healthy discipline in developing and maintaining apps make all the difference between a user that leaves and a user that keeps coming back for more. Come hear real customers about their experience deploying apps with performance in mind.
Matthew Baird, VP of Engineering, Ticketfly
Pierre-Luc Simard, CTO, Mirego
Matt Vlasach, Director, Mobile Products, Unwired Revolution
Bill Lapcevic, VP Business Development, New Relic
Session 2 - User-centric Mobile Payments (Hosted by PayPal) (Presidio)
Jonathan Leblanc, Head of Developer Evangelism, PayPal
Peter Berger, Director of Strategic Development, Tagged
Kate Scisel, Co-Founder, People+
Christina Farr, Writer, VentureBeat
Session 3 – New Design Processes to Ship Early and Often (Pacific Heights)
Top industry experts discuss how to implement and deliver the best mobile content to end users in a powerful and efficient way.
Jake Knapp, Design Partner, Google Ventures
Erika Trautman, CEO & Founder, Flixmaster
Brenden Mulligan, Product Designer, Cluster
Maykel Loomans, UI Designer, Instagram
Daniel Burka, Design Partner, Google Ventures
Session 4 – Welcome to 2013: The Mobile Workforce Era (Marina)
IT is no longer the only game in town - their users are far more sophisticated. They buy and use any device they want, when they want it, and they use many different devices throughout the day. They are tech savvy, very familiar with consumer grade cloud services and will use them to be more productive on demand. Woe to the IT organization that doesn’t provide access to modern, easy-to-use, business-compliant technologies that empower user productivity from the devices they choose. Fail to do that and your IT organization is on the road to obsolescent.
Raj Singh, CEO, Tempo AI
Chris Hazelton, Analyst, 451 Research
Suzan Pickett, Manager Systems Engineering, Columbia Sportswear
Scott Davis, CTO of End User Computing, VMWare
2:50pm - 3:00pmAfternoon Coffee Break & Transition to Grand Ballroom (Gold Ballroom)
3:00pm - 3:05pmStart Up Announcement (Grand Ballroom)
Ida Tin, Co-Founder and CEO, Clue
3:05pm - 4:05pmMobileBeat Innovation Showdown (Grand Ballroom)
We’ve invited ten mobile startups (out of a pool of 200) to present their innovative apps/products live on stage at MobileBeat 2013. They’ll each have five minutes to sell our expert panel of judges on how their company embodies, enables, or amplifies a killer ‘Mobile Experience.’
Companies presenting...
Early Stage:
Lettuce Apps
Mid Stage:
Open Garden
Jason Mok, Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Sean Jacobsohn, Partner, Emergence Capital Partners
Deborah Magid, Director, Software Strategy, IBM Venture Capital Group
Jeremy Liew, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures
Tim Lee, Partner, Sequoia Capital
4:05pm - 4:35pmPanel Discussion (Grand Ballroom)
Gaming: We’re Not "Playing Around" Anymore
The secret is out. Mobile Gaming is where the money, the engagement, and the opportunity has been in mobile. Let’s have a quick discussion on how you can integrate these philosophies across the board, and drive other aspects of our ecosystem.
Clive Downie, CEO, DeNA West
Anil Dharni, COO, GREE
Eric Setton, CTO & Co-Founder, Tango
Dean Takahashi, Lead GamesBeat Writer, VentureBeat
4:35pm - 4:45pmClosing Remarks & Innovation Showdown Winner Announcement (Grand Ballroom)
Aleda Schaffer, Strategic Partnerships Manager, American Airlines
Phil Easter, Director of Mobile Apps, American Airlines
4:45pm - 6:00pmClosing Reception (Second Floor - Sunset Court)

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