Senate passes crowdfunding bill, wisely adds protections for less sophisticated investors

With a 73-26 vote, the U.S. Senate brought my dream of a bonsai pet business one step closer to reality today. The bill added some much-needed requirements to the JOBS Act that passed in the House of Representatives, giving the SEC more authority to protect the less sophisticated investors who might want to help fund a new business venture.

The opposite of Goldman Sachs is … Silicon Valley?

In the wake of Greg Smith’s now-legendary resignation in The New York Times, worldwide scrutiny has naturally focused on Goldman Sachs. How will his assault on the bank’s culture impact its clients and its leadership? Is his description of the firm fair? However, these are merely superficial questions. The true implications are far broader and affect the prospects for economic growth across America and the world.

Spotify doubles its app library with a mix of blue chip partners and third party developers (sort of)

The number of Spotify apps jumped from 10 to 22 yesterday, with the launch of the company’s second wave of apps. There are more partnerships with big names music brands, as there was in the first ten apps. But there are also some playful apps created by third party developers (sort of) which show the direction that Spotify is headed in trying to expand into a full fledged music platform. Below is a nice summary from Ellis Hamburger: