Funding Daily: Shout it from the mountaintops

It all started from the concept of a slippery slope. Combine the snowball effect online shopping can have on susceptible consumers (present company included), a company founded in the Swiss Alps, and an iPad app vaguely reminiscent of snow, and my Funding Daily horizon was filled with mountainous peaks. Let’s see which companies set off on the trails of venture capital.

NetAuthority: saving your bank account from the Russian mob, one algorithm at a time

Imagine this: you phone your bank, asking a service rep to pay a phone bill and transfer money from savings to checking. Only, instead of talking to the bank, you’re speaking to a crook who is talking to you on one phone … and your bank on the other. And when you provide him with all the authentication details your bank requires, he loots your account and transfers your funds into accounts he controls.