Ten days in the life of one camera’s price — and how all major shopping portals got it wrong

Patrick Carter, founder of a start-up called Digital Folio, recently tracked the pricing trends of particular camera, the Nikon L26 Camera, over ten days, and found that the major portals — Google Shopping, Nextag, Pricegrabber, theFind, RedLaser, Decide.com and others — were completely wrong a surprising amount of the time. Here’s the story…

Funding Daily: Calm winds and quiet seas

Over the past couple days, funding news has been coming in at a leisurely pace, a summertime pace, if you will. Just a handful of companies made investment announcements, so I have taken the liberty of wrapping them all up in one nice, little package. I hope you are reading it on a lounge chair at a beach with a cocktail in hand. It is August, after all: Don’t people usually go on vacations around this time? Venture capitalists certainly seem to.