America: Why are you so afraid of skilled immigrants?

One of the most contentious issues in the skilled-immigrant debate is the H-1B visa, which allows qualified immigrants to work for U.S. tech companies on a temporary basis. Proponents of raising the H-1B visa cap say the nation faces a dire shortage of engineering talent and needs more of these visas to stay competitive. Detractors insist that there is no engineer shortage and that America should close its doors to foreigners because they take jobs away from citizens. Battles break out in Capitol Hill over the number of visas allocated because there are no hard data to back either side.

Twitter: you crossed the line

Yesterday Twitter suspended UK journalist Guy Adam’s account for tweeting negatively about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, including tweeting an email address of the NBC executive in charge. Today we’ve learned that it was not NBC that initiated a complaint, but Twitter, which took the surprising step of proactively informing NBC.

Tonara puts sheet music on technology’s center stage (otherwise known as the iPad)

Instead of propping up sheet music on a stand, Tonara’s unique iPad sets musical scores flowing  melodiously across the screen so musicians do not have to disrupt their playing to turn pages. Today, the company announced raising $4 million in a first round of financing led by Carmel Ventures and a strategic partnership music publisher Hal Leonard.