The apocalypse is upon us: Walgreens has an API and SDK

Walgreens — yes Walgreens — has released an application programming interface (API) and a software development kit (SDK) to allow mobile developers to enable photo printing from Android and iPhone smartphones. The company has opened a developer portal (and a new Twitter account) to support mobile programmers who are enabling photo printing to 7,907 Walgreens locations across the country.

Dean Takahashi’s opening comments for GamesBeat 2012

Welcome to our fourth annual GamesBeat conference. I’d like to thank everyone who got us here. Matt Marshall, Alicia Saribalis, Stacy Cohen, Elyssa Thorp, Shannon Dow, Garrett McCullum, Jason Spangenthal and the rest of our great VentureBeat business staff. On the writing side, last year we had just two game writers. But last fall we began a big expansion. Sebastian Haley came on board as our reviews writer. And he recruited Dan Shoe as our editor-in-chief of GamesBeat. Both of them are here. Please stand up. We’ve also added Jason Wilson as a copy editor on the GamesBeat team recently. That’s just our internal crew. We also have around 20 active interns and freelance writers doing stories about gaming on both the consumer and business sides. We have staffed up because we believe this is the most exciting time in the game industry’s history. We have 81 people speaking over the next two days who are making that history happen.