Lift’s method for unlocking human potential is so simple, it’s obvious

What’s the key to unlocking human potential? Tony Stubblebine, a first-hand witness to the coming-of-age moments of some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, has always sought an answer to that very question. Now Stubblebine seeks to answer that question for everyone, through Lift, his one-year-old, four-person startup centered around goal-tracking.

4 small social networks that have a big impact on users

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media heavyweights may be winning the race to most number of users, but sometimes, having “everyone” in one social network can do more harm than good. Newsfeeds and streams are cluttered, shameless self-promotion is rampant, and you can’t seem to escape the mindless babble of spammers and trolls.

Inside Singularity University: ten weeks in tech’s most coveted community

This is Singularity University. Based at NASA and with founding members including the founders of Google, its annual Graduate Studies Program is “A 10-week interdisciplinary program for top students and entrepreneurial leaders worldwide, aimed at solving some of our most pressing challenges.” From over 3150 applicants, 80 students were selected for this summer’s program, representing 36 different countries across the world. Over 60% have graduate degrees, 40% are women (an impressively high statistic for entrepreneurial programs in Silicon Valley), and many are successful entrepreneurs, investors, authors and inventors.