ICANN’s new policy suits attorneys, not small businesses

Before I took the plunge and began running my own small business, I worked primarily as a trademark attorney. While trademark law is no longer my life’s focus, I still find myself fascinated with branding and intellectual property. Whenever new business owners ask me for my single biggest tip, I always tell them to protect their intellectual property early and thoroughly.

Presents for social gifting service Wrapp: $5M more funding, Reid Hoffman joins board

Who says gift cards aren’t cool? After landing $5.5 million in a first round of funding last November, social gifting service Wrapp, which lets you easily send gift cards to friends through Facebook, today announced that it’s received an additional $5 million for the round led by Greylock Partners and international VC firm Atomico.

Why Groupon’s still not well in China despite group-buying uptick

Online group buying is finally proving popular in China, according to a report released on Monday by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). According to the report, Chinese market witnessed an increase of 244.8% in online group buying in the year 2011. Despite a massive blow to Groupon and others last year, Chinese online group buying is finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Codecademy introduces summer semester inspired by Obama’s Summer Jobs+

Code Summer+ follows the company’s Code Year launch at the beginning of January. In keeping with Codecademy’s vision for making everyone programming literate, the company launched a year-long coding curriculum, which has attracted 345,628 people to sign up thus far. Code Summer+ is in the same vein and encourages people to learn Silicon Valley’s coding languages like they would an internship — by doing.

Could collaborative consumption work in China? Not yet.

The concept of “Collaborative Consumption” is not new in the West, but it is in the East and especially in China. The term collaborative consumption basically means sharing things with other people — via barter, trade, or rental — and giving access instead of ownership. The Internet has pushed this quaint notion beyond just sharing between friends to create a powerful business model.

Israeli hackers attack Saudi & UAE stock exchange websites

The Middle East has always been a troubled place, and now people are taking to the web to launch their attacks. On Tuesday, a group of Israeli hackers took down the Saudi Arabia stock exchange and the United Arab Emirates stock exchange websites, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports. The group, which calls itself IDF-Team, was able to paralyze the Saudi stock exchange site and cause delays on the UAE site.