Healthcare 2.0 — is it only for the rich?

Twenty years ago, U.S. healthcare cost $2,800, on average, per person. Ten years ago, that figure had risen to $4,700 per person. And four years ago, in 2008, it was $7,500 per person, according to this Kaiser Family Foundation Report. Over the same period, the portion of Americans without insurance has risen. In 1990, 14.1 percent of Americans were uninsured. In 2000, 13.1 percent were uninsured. Today, 16.3% of Americans are uninsured (approximately 50 million people), in part because of job losses and employers cutting back on coverage.

Startup Clinic: Pinterest clones and the difficulty of getting timing right

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of VentureBeat columns by award-winning author and serial entrepreneur Penelope Trunk. She’s going to be our startup critic: She’ll review new companies, point out what they’re doing right, and give them advice (which she’s never shy about anyway) for how they can improve. This week she takes a look at Boxnutt.