Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, hands-on with the first smartphone with enough battery life for a full day’s business use

It’s an unfortunate truth: if you want a phone that will last all day, get a dumbphone. Smartphones aren’t designed to last all day, and as the features and uses increase incrementally, the battery life has stayed a consistent not long enough. Business and power users know this all too well – it’s one of two reasons why too many of us carry around two phones at all times.

CSR shows how your phone can navigate inside large buildings

CSR, the leading maker of navigation chips, showed how you can use its upcoming platform to find your way inside large buildings such as the giant Las Vegas Convention Center. Now a combination of several new technologies makes it possible to navigate with map-based directions inside large buildings, giving you even fewer reasons to get lost or be late for an appointment.

The downside of cloud computing: 4 reasons to think twice

You’ve probably seen tons of articles, editorials, and marketing anecdotes about how great the cloud is; how it can save you tons of money, empower you to do incredible things, free your staff up to do all kinds of important projects, and more. There’s a great deal that is true and accurate in all of those assertions to be sure, even if most of the writing is intended to convince you to buy into the hype. I’m a fan of cloud computing, having bought into it while at two separate companies and working in it now for a cloud services provider.

Security champ Symantec makes a play for the cloud with $115M purchase of LiveOffice

LiveOffice primarily helps companies archiving e-mail in the cloud, ensuring that they always have access to important communications. If a company’s e-mail client goes down, for example, its employees can still send and receive messages. The company’s archiving, hosting and compliance solutions will bolster Symantec’s popular security products like Norton AntiVirus and give it more clout as a cloud service provider.

Supermicro talks multi-purpose workstations for the power gamer (interview)

On Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we met with computer manufacturer Supermicro’s technical marketing manager, Bjoern Metzdorf. Metzdorf was accompanied by professional gamer Carlos Rodriguez, as they discussed why Supermicro’s current lineup of traditionally non-gaming workstations have all the power and affordability a gamer could want.