Supermicro talks multi-purpose workstations for the power gamer (interview)

On Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we met with computer manufacturer Supermicro’s technical marketing manager, Bjoern Metzdorf. Metzdorf was accompanied by professional gamer Carlos Rodriguez, as they discussed why Supermicro’s current lineup of traditionally non-gaming workstations have all the power and affordability a gamer could want.

For wider appeal, PlayStation Vita can do non-gaming apps like Twitter and Flickr (video)

Sony knows that its new portable console, the PlayStation Vita, is going to live or die on how good its games are. So said Guy Longworth, senior vice president of marketing and PSN at Sony’s games division, in a dinner interview at the Consumer Electronics Show. The ads and marketing campaigns beginning soon will reflect that.

Battlefield 3 suffering prolonged server issues while enraged fans go “ignored”

It has not been a good week for Battlefield 3 players, apparently. The forums and official Battlefield Facebook page are beseiged by users complaining that they cannot connect to the game, and are especially having trouble locating hardcore servers after a recent update. These issues seem to apply across all three platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC).

Hands-on with the One Laptop per Child XO 3.0 tablet (video)

Of the major products unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, one of the most promising was the new  education tablet from One Laptop per Child. The nonprofit group, which has teamed up on the tablet design with Marvell, showed off its OLPC XO 3.0 tablet and said it was ready to start negotiations with governments or other bodies to purchase large numbers of the devices.

Grooveshark launches HTML5 mobile app to get around being banned in app stores

Grooveshark has been in legal hot water with the major music labels because it doesn’t have broad licensing agreements to play the majority of its music, unlike Spotify, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody. Much like YouTube, Grooveshark depends on users to legally upload music that can be enjoyed by the community. If a user uploads a file that he or she doesn’t own and it gets a DMCA complaint, Grooveshark takes the file down.