Game developers: Win distribution and funding

With over 200,000 games in the market, for many developers creating a game is considerably easier than marketing and distributing an application. To address the issue, a team of industry leaders from VentureBeat, Best Buy, Trinity Ventures, Hooked Media and others have banded together to create this new contest to help developers gain wide scale distribution.

Design and print 3D objects from your iPhone with a new app from Sculpteo

The designs are based on photographs you take of yourself or a friend. Sculpteo’s app turns your face’s profile into a 3D object, such as the vase shown here. You can also transform it into a number of other objects, such as a bowl, plate, or mug. Once you’ve completed the design, you upload it and Sculpteo sends it to a local 3D printing facility which manufactures the object using a ceramic printing process.