Mystery enterprise security startup Bluebox gets $9.5M from Andreessen Horowitz

Still in stealth mode, enterprise security startup Bluebox is keeping all the most juicy details of its business close to its chest. But we do know that the startup is compelling enough that it’s attracted a $9.5 million first funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Also on board is early Google investor and Sun Microsystems co-founder Andreas Bechtolsheim, who is joining Bluebox’s board of directors along with Andreessen Horowitz’s Scott Weiss. So the company clearly has a lot going for it.

Fixing the CAPTCHA: turning jumbled words into a game

CAPTCHAs, or those jumbled words you have to enter to prove you’re a human on websites, suck. They detract from a website’s flow, and as security researchers at Imperva have found, they’re actually easily overcome by spammers. But some CAPTCHA creators are coming up with ways to make it harder for spammers, and more fun for the regular humans out there.

Microsoft Unveils Two Surface Tablets Running Windows (liveblog)

Microsoft formally announced that the company will begin producing and selling a Surface Tablet for consumers to compete in the tablet market. Two models will be sold, from Microsoft in stores and with retail partners. The first, Surface with Windows RT, is a tablet-esque device that runs on Arm architecture and is expected to act more like traditional tablets today. The second is Surface with Windows 8 Pro, which will ship with a complete version of Windows 8 Professional and run the latest Ivy Bridge i5 processor from Intel and will have power equivalent to today’s Ultrabooks.