The elephant in the room: Are you ready to face big data?

Our use of social media, smart devices and the Internet all create huge volumes of data. Behind the scenes, machine-to-machine interactions, sensors, recommendation engines and APIs drive a proliferation of information. Much of this data — in some studies as much as 80 percent — has little to no structure and much of it is generated at machine speed; at high velocity. This kind of “big data” — extremely large data sets that have little to no structure and are growing every minute — is hard for databases and analysis tools to handle just in time. But it also contains a wealth of valuable information waiting to be found.

Review: A Minecraft review isn’t really possible, but we’ll try anyway

How the hell do you write a review for a game that’s been out since 2009? A game that you’ve played across many changes, with additions and subtractions, a game without a box, a user manual, or, really, any sort of guiding pedagogy. I’ve personally spent at least 100 hours, probably more, playing this procedurally generated oddity of a video game across the beta and official versions, on servers, my own server, and in single player modes. And yet, I still can’t seem to get a simple handle on it, and why it keeps me coming back for more.