It’s iPad HD, not iPad 3. Plus, Apple is buying 7.1″ screens for smaller iPads

Update 3/7/2012: Apple announced its new iPad today, and it’s actually called… the new iPad. Or just “iPad,” for short. I still believe the iPad HD name was being used at one point by Apple (perhaps internally), because several Apple partners and developers confirmed the name to me after this post first hit. For now, get used to calling it the new iPad.

The Yetis are coming to you at GDC 2012

This year at GDC 2012, prepare for a Yeti invasion the likes of which has never been seen before! YetiZen will be bringing you the biggest bash you’ve ever seen at GDC on Wednesday, March 7 starting at 8pm at Ruby Skye. That’s right in the heart of Union Square. Along with a cavalcade of acrobats, contortionists, belly dancers, and painted models, attendees will also enjoy…

4 mobile payment startups to watch

Mobile payments is a sector on the cusp of exploding. The Nilson Report recently found that 73 percent of smartphone owners have used their device while shopping, yet only 2 percent claim to have used a mobile wallet or made an in-app purchase. At last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I saw a swathe of companies hoping to claim a piece of the pie.

Why Southeast Asia matters to US startups

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a geo-political and economic organization of ten countries located in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The Asean market has a total population exceeding 600 million people and a combined GDP of US $1.8 trillion. Its per capita income of $3000 is small but represents…

Burstly buys TestFlight to complete the mobile app life cycle, from beta testing to bucks

Burstly, a startup focused on helping mobile developers monetize through advertising, has acquired TestFlight, the most popular service for beta-testing iOS apps. Today it’s showing off the fruits of their joint labor, TestFlight live, an analytics dashboard for app developers that shows real time detail on an app’s audience, business and performance.