Cool private companies: 3 business services for doing more with less

As a software securities analyst for investment banking firm Canaccord Genuity, Richard Davis spends 200 days a year on the road visiting companies. He goes to public companies such as Oracle and, but he also visits up-and-coming software companies he thinks will go public in the near future. In his new column, Davis talks about some candidates he thinks may be ripe for the IPO class of 2012 or 2013.

We’ve all got wireless devices, so why are tech conferences still drowning us in paper?

If you work in the tech industry, it’s not uncommon to attend a conference almost every week, or at least every other week. Despite the promulgation at these conferences of next-age technology – including small little devices that hold entire libraries worth of data – I’ve noticed one glaring and particularly galling problem: There is just way too much paper. In an industry with buzzwords like “disruptive,” “game-changing,” “the cloud,” “virtualization” and “paradigm-shifting,” it’s amazing to think that we still hold onto this antiquated medium of paper as if we were a giant used bookstore.

Five trends that will dominate the “cloud” in 2012

2011 has been an exciting year for the cloud. Companies are starting to accept the idea of using internet-based services instead of servers they control themselves. That in turn has driven a push to make the technologies more mature — and the tech companies making those technologies are growing up too.

LCD display makers to pay $553M in price-fixing conspiracy case

Seven major LCD display makers have agreed to pay more than $553 million for illegally conspiring to fix prices of thin film transistor (LFT) LCD panels used in television, computer and laptop screens. Samsung Electronics, Sharp and Chimei Innolux are paying the largest portion of the proposed multi-state antitrust settlement, which still requires court approval.

Christmas marks record high for Android and iOS activiations, app downloads

Smartphones and tablets have surpassed the luxury phase, and are proliferating the market as every day household items. Though they still haven’t taken over feature phones, which own around 60 percent of the market, smartphones are widely adopted. Because of that adoption, they are being given as gifts left and right, with 2011 being the biggest year for Android and iOS devices as of yet.