Can we panic now? — Core gaming has a problem

THQ layoffs, Sega cancellations, and Sony studio closures caused last week to be one of the worst in memory for the gaming industry. Compare that to mobile darling OMGPOP which was sold for $210 million based on the strength of one game. It seems like one side of the market is on its way down, while the other side has nothing but growth ahead of it, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Activist shareholder Third Point launches website to chronicle Yahoo’s long, sad decline

Tech giant Yahoo has struggled to find its way over the last five years, rotating through four CEOs and a series of layoffs. Now, activist shareholder Third Point, which is agitating to add four handpicked members to Yahoo’s board, has launched an entire website,, to make its case about what is going wrong at Yahoo’s business and what can be done to turn it around.

Gabriel Leydon foresees the “true dominance” of mobile games coming (interview)

Addmired Chief Executive Gabriel Leydon is a true believer in the mobile space. With more than a billion users of his games, Leydon sees big opportunity. Addmired, now known as Machine Zone, has created a number of hardcore, massively multiplayer online games, such as Original Gangstaz, iMob 2 and Global War. These are free-to-play titles that generate revenue via virtual goods, and all three of those are among the 50 top-grossing iPhone apps.

OMGPOP CEO tweets that only employee not to transition to Zynga was the “weakest” one (UPDATED)

In a pair of tweets, CEO Dan Porter of Draw Something developer OMGPOP called the one employee who turned down Zynga “selfish” and “the weakest one” on the team. Many fans of the sketching game for smartphones stated that they’re uninstalling Draw Something based on Porter’s behavior.

GamesBeat Weekly Roundup

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