Want a store inside your video player? Cinsay can do that

Undoubtedly, the 30-second (or less) video commercial is an effective way to drive a company’s revenue. That’s assuming people take the initiative to visit the company’s store, walk through 2-3 additional steps, and finally confirm payment. Each step holds the potential for consumers to change their mind, get confused, and ultimately not follow through with the sale.

ApplyApp.ly wants to find you a job, with science!

Finding a job is hard. You grabbed a sales job after college, but you’re terrified of phone calls and your eyes glaze over while looking at sales figures. It’s all because you’re truly an introvert, an abstract thinker, and better suited to be a writer. If only you’d known these traits and looked for a job based on your own quirky psychology, maybe then you wouldn’t have to cry every time you had to make a sales call.

App builder iGenApps builds apps for your phone, on your phone

You can’t control when the inspiration to build a mobile app will hit. You might be far away from your computer and have no measurable coding skills, but that won’t stop you from whipping up the next farting app. iGenApps is a DIY mobile app building service that lets you build a smartphone app — right on your smartphone — without any programming experience at all.