‘The future is f!@*ing bright! Time to buy sunglasses!’ Dave McClure on what makes Russia so sexy to Silicon Valley

Once a remote hinterland in terms of foreign investment, Russia is now emerging as a hot destination for investors looking for a slice of the action on the digital frontier. The recent Landing Page conference was a perfect example of the New Russian Scene. Just ask 500 Startups founder Dave McClure…

Dave McClure: hottest investments, favorite start-ups, biggest screwups, and clueless founders

Dave McClure is one of the most prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley — and possibly the world. His accelerator, 500 Startups, will fund its 500th company sometime this year. And no, in answer to “all the stupid questions,” 500 Startups will not shut its doors after reaching that number.
He may also take the prize for most F-bombs per sentence of any investor.