Planetary Resources officially kicks off its asteroid mining venture

Following a few days of excited build-up, Planetary Resources, a new space startup backed by heavy hitters including Larry Page and James Cameron, officially announced its plans to mine asteroids near Earth. At the Tuesday morning event, which took place at the packed Space Gallery in the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the company said it would launch phase one of its mission within two years and use the next decade just to identify resource-rich asteroids.

Google+ gets YouTube and Chrome integrations, deeper ties with Google itself

Undoubtedly, Google has a lot of great products to offer outside of Google+. Larry Page realized this and explained in a post after Google’s third quarter earnings call that the team feels like it’s delivered the “+,” and now it’s time to deliver the Google. Page explained Google has grand visions for what Google+ will become, and the individual product launches are only stepping stones to get there.