iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S? Here’s what we expect to see from Apple

Expectations are extremely high for Apple’s new iPhone event tomorrow, where the company will unveil its latest flagship mobile device. Apple’s new chief executive, Tim Cook, will also be under pressure to repeat the success of the company’s last CEO, Steve Jobs, who left the company in August. Janney Capital Markets analyst Bill Choi said today that he expects Apple to sell around 107 million iPhones this year.

Steve Jobs and the age of great turbulence

The tech industry is busier than normal this August, which is usually a time of summer doldrums. The stock market tanked. Google bought Motorola. Hewlett-Packard decided to move into software via a $10 billion deal even as it decided to get out of PCs and tablets. And now Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple. If you blinked, or were on vacation, you would come back to a different tech world.

Markets will punish Apple for the loss of its master magician

[Update: I probably should have specified a timeline for this market reaction. There's short term and long term. The market punished apple immediately in after market trading, as pointed out below. And yes, a week later, Apple's stock is actually higher than it was last week, as Gruber points out, BUT that comes after a week where the overall market had a nice upturn. Apple doesn't look so great in this perspective, where it appears slightly down compared to the market. But clearly, the most impact is going to come long-term, and that game has yet to play out].