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Pinterest's Guided Search in the wild.

Pinterest shows off the brains behind its Guided Search feature

Pinterest introduced its Guided Search feature — a little bar showing of searches categories that’s perched under the search box that can — last year with the goal of helping its users discover content. It’s helped Pinterest get people to use the site more, and now the company is talking about what goes on under the covers of the feature.

JIBO founder and CEO Cynthia Breazeal

Robots, deep learning in the spotlight at startup event 

The power of GPU-fueled technologies has rocketed a large number of companies to success. Now with Deep Learning — the use of sophisticated, multi-level “deep” neural networks — more research and investment is producing ever-more impressive innovations.


What to Think, Ep. 39: File-sharing frenemies

It’s interesting to watch executives compliment their competitors — because it always seems unbelievable. In the past week, that quirky behavior has played out left and right, before and after cloud file-sharing company Box’s initial public offering.